Pink Tears

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|Tsukiko's POV|

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|Tsukiko's POV|

For one last time, I made my way into town, I smiled at the people passing by me, like always. I smiled at the happy couples who had their own little adorable children running around, I smiled because that's all I could do. I was leaving my home, the place where I knew every person, the place where the people I loved lived. The place that I wouldn't see for maybe years to come, I could never see it again if the worst comes to worst. No matter how I felt, I wouldn't drop this smile, it was the last thing that people would see of me. I would always be there, but I wouldn't be with them, I wouldn't feel their warmth, I wouldn't be able to care for them like I always do. I wouldn't feel their arms as they hugged me, I would no longer be the one to stop them from crying. My place was to be filled with Lucy, I gave her instructions to more lively towards the guild, make it so that I never existed. My loving family was nothing more but strangers to me; and me to them.

I enjoyed every bit of my walk to the place I would no longer call my home, I took in the sights one more time, I cherished every single flower along the way. I had stayed in this part of Earthland for most of my life, to leave now, it was tearing me apart, but I would always smile, no matter what. I wouldn't tarnish the last image that the people of Magnolia would see of me, their favourite blonde kitsune. I had boosted Loki in his sleep, already knowing what would happen between him and Lucy, there were no more preparations to be made. 

I arrived upon my beloved guild and I could already feel my smile starting to falter, but I kept it up. I was just thankful that Guildarts and Mystogen had gone on missions, I had made them forget before they left. I was long gone from their minds, nothing but a single blur in their life. It was difficult, it hurt me to make the people I loved forget about me, it hurt a lot. If I didn't have to do it, I would question how I was, I knew the risk that I put them in when I started my life at Fairy Tail, and I knew all too well that I would have to leave one day, make them forget me. I had done it many times before. I let them keep some memories, some small pieces of information about kitsunes, let them keep the traditional folklore alive, but that was all I could do.

I had left people like this before, but that didn't make me immune to the hurt and guilt I got from it, it made me feel like a traitor, I was leaving these people because of my selfish reasons, they had taught me so many things, and every time one of them got seriously hurt, there was also a link that led back to me, be it the smallest reason or one of the largest. No one hated me for it though, they just thought it was to protect me, and maybe they were right, but now it was my turn to protect them. 

To do that, I had to remove all trace of me from Magnolia, I never lived here, I never ate here, I never did anything here, I no longer know that this places even exists. But I did, of course, I did. No matter how much I had trained my brain, trained myself to let the people I love go away once I did, it never seemed enough. I had gone back once, made them remember everything about me, they hated me after that. They hated me for making them think I didn't exist, they hated me because I had caused them pain for my own relief of knowing that I was the only one hurting. I instantly knew that I wasn't wanted there anymore, so I made them forget again, after that, I never went back. I never looked back once I had finished the memory wipe. I never even blinked an eye in their direction. If I saw them on the street I had to pretend I didn't know them, we were two ships passing each other on a dark night, except, one was badly broken and water flooded the inside, whilst the other, due to the darkness, couldn't see the broken ship, they couldn't see the damage that it had caused itself. Sailing too close to uncharted islands and scratching it's sides up, travelling to dangerous waters. The other ship was perfect, no damage was done, it travelled quickly across the waves and soon rushed past the old tattered ship, to go and join its fleet. 

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