One Sentence

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It scared Steve to think that you knew everything about him. You have seen him at his worst and you never judged him, instead you would hold him close and comfort him. Steve was scared to open up to you, he was scared that you would be like Nancy. He didn't want to invest himself in another person only for that person to blowup on him and say that everything was bullshit. It took him a while to convince himself that you were not Nancy, that you were different and that meant your relationship would be different.

Who knew that one sentence, 8 letters longs, could be so difficult to say. I love you, he had been meaning to say that to you for 2 months now. Everytime he went to tell you, he froze and he would say something stupid, last week he was so close to telling you but, he froze when you looked him in the eyes and he said "I love books". It wasn't like there wasn't a perfect time to tell you. There were plenty of times that could be considered perfect, like while you guys were studying, or when you had just woken up, or when you were showing off your arcade game skills in front of the party. He kept overthinking it, his mind always went to the worst case scenario which was that, you would freak out and break up with him because you didn't love him back.

Steve knew that you were made for him. He could feel it when you did things like hold his hand. It felt like all of the lines on your hands aligned to fit perfectly. It made him feel safe, it felt like a sign that he should just tell you how he feels. Steve had said those words before but, it was brought to his attention that it was bullshit. Maybe he didn't know what love was when he said them but, now that he's with you, he realized that he should've told you those words a million times.

Steve had taken you and Dustin to the arcade, you walked in with a whole plastic Ziploc bag full of quarters. You raced Dustin to the doors of the arcade, Steve's heart was racing too. Today was the day he would tell you that he loved you. Steve always thought you always seemed your happiest while you were at the arcade with the party. After 2 hours of playing games at the arcade Dustin decided that he was hungry and so you all went to the diner.

The 3 of you went inside, Dustin picked out a booth, the waitress came and got your orders and while you were waiting Dustin went to the bathroom.

“Hey Y/N, can I tell you something?” Steve's voice was shakey, the nerves were starting to get to him.

“What do you want to tell me?” You looked at Steve, patiently waiting on him to talk. At that moment Steve froze, the words couldn't come out of his mouth.

“Oh thanks, I'm gonna go to the bathroom to get it off, if my food comes before I get back don't let Dustin touch it.” You passed Dustin on your way to the bathroom. Dustin sat back down in his spot, he saw the look of frustration that Steve currently had on his face.

“Hey Steve, you okay there buddy?” Dustin asked him cautiously. Steve put his face in his hands and let out a deep sigh.

“I've been trying to tell Y/N that I love her for 2 months now but, every time I try to tell her, I freeze and say something stupid.” Dustin smiled at Steve and saw that you were walking back to the booth. When you sat down Dustin looked at Steve and mouthed, “I got you”. Steve was confused but, before he could mouth back a reply your food came. Dustin began eating some of the fries that he ordered.

“I just love these fries. Do you guys love anything?” Dustin stared at Steve waiting for him to say that he loved you but, instead Steve shook his head and rolled his eyes. You chuckled at Dustin.

“Yeah Dusty, I love my fries too.” Dustin seemed less than satisfied with your answer.

“What about you Steve? Don't you love anything?”  Steve shook his head again and slightly kicked Dustin under the table. You noticed their weird behavior.

“Okay guys, what's going on?” You looked at both of them, you folded your arms over your chest hoping that you looked like stern. Steve sighed and reached out for your hands.

“I love you Y/N. I've been trying to tell you that for 2 months and I was going to tell you earlier but, I froze and told you that you have something on your face, and when Dustin came back I told him what happened and he was trying to help.” Steve turned his whole body so that he was facing you.

“You love me?” was all that you said, you were shocked, you loved Steve but, you were to afraid to say it. Steve pulled you in for a kiss.

“Of course I love you.” You went to pull Steve in for another kiss but, Dustin interrupted you.

“Okay it's cool that you guys love each other but, I mean come on, I'm right here, quit kissing.” You and Steve threw napkins at Dustin before laughing it off and going back to eating your food. You and Steve loved each other and that was all that matter to the both of you.

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