7 O'clock

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You were about to make the biggest mistake of your life so far, you had no idea what possessed you to even do this in the first place, but, here you were trying to get Tommy H. alone to ask him why Steve had been staring at you anytime he saw you in the hallway.

”Tommy, I need to talk to you!"

Tommy turned around with a disgusting smirk on his face.

“Whatcha want to talk about, sweetheart?" Your stomach churned when he called you 'sweetheart'

”I want to talk about Steve Harrington." Tommy scoffed and rolled his eyes when he heard those words.

“What about Steve?"

"Is he seeing anybody? He was staring at me in the hallway so, I just thought-"

”Steve Harrington could get any of the sluts in this school, why would he want you?" Tommy turned around and walked away, leaving you in the hallway feeling devastated.


What if Tommy was right? Steve has girls kissing the ground he walks on. Why on Earth would he want to date you? You were more of an introvert. You didn't have a lot of friends but, the friends you did have were the ones you had known for a long time. You preferred it that way. So, when caught Steve staring at you in the hallway today, you thought that maybe Steve did like you or he at least thought you were attractive. That was before you talked to Tommy H. after talking to Tommy, you lost whatever confident feelings you had. 

You had to remind yourself that you had talked to Tommy. He wasn't the smartest person at Hawkins but, he was Steve's friend, that had to mean something right?  You would have to go straight to the source. You would have to talk to Steve.


The next day, you went to your first class, Steve sat behind you in that class so, talking to him should be easy, right?

Instead of actually talking to Steve, you decided to pass notes to him instead.

Hey, I need to talk to you

You felt like you could be more confident if you were writing to him instead of actually talking to him.

What do we need to talk about, princess?

His handwriting was a lot neater than you expected.

Not here, my house at 7? My parents won't be home.

You were freaking out internally, you just invited Steve to your house, while your parents were gone.

See you at 7

The bell rang and you were still slightly shocked at yourself.


It was 6:55 and you were anxiously awaiting Steve's arrival. The clock was slowly ticking and you could be sworn time that was against you. The sooner Steve got here, the sooner you could try and figure out what was going on with him.

You heard a knock on the door and you turned your head towards the clock, it was 7, that meant that Steve was knocking on your door. You walked up to the door and welcomed Steve into your house. You both kind of just stared at each other in an awkward silence. It was too awkward for Steve so he decided to break that silence.

“You said you wanted to talk?”

“Oh, yeah, sorry. Um, so, I saw that you were staring at me in the hallway. You're going to think I'm ridiculous but, when I asked Tommy H., he said that you weren't interested in me? Which I totally get like, I'm more introverted and you are usually with more outgoing girls so, I thought that Tommy could be right. Then I remembered that I talked to Tommy H. and he's stupid as hell. That brings us here.”

“Okay, so, first of all I didn't think you saw me staring, that's why I kept doing it. Second, Tommy H. is stupid as hell, so, why you talked to him is beyond me, I'm glad that you realized that he's dumb as shit. Lastly, I like you I really do, I just didn't think you would be into me. My reputation is awful, and you're sweet and nice.”  Steve's voice went quiet towards the end.

“I really like you too Steve, I just wish you would've told me so, that I wouldn't have had to talk to Tommy H.”

“So, do you want to go out sometime?”

“I've been waiting for you to ask me out for awhile now."

You hated that you talked to Tommy about Steve but, you were also kind of glad that you did.

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