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Steve told his parents that he was going to California to tour UCLA, he told them something about some college basketball recruiter was interested him and had invited him to California. He convinced his parents to let him go by himself, he didn't know how he pulled that off, especially since his mom was so proud of him. There was one thing though, there was no UCLA tour, or college basketball recruiter, he just needed a break.

When Steve got there he realized that the 30+ hour drive to California was definitely worth it. He checked into his motel, and headed to the beach. Steve had never seen a beach before now, he thanked the stars for his parents being okay with him driving to California by himself.

Out of the corner of his eye he sees an empty towel, which he stupidly forgot to bring so, he thought there was no harm in laying on a random, unoccupied towel. So, there he was finally relaxing.

“Excuse me but, why are you laying on my towel?”

Great, Steve thought, of course the owner of the towel came back right as he was just starting to relax.

“Sorry, I didn't know it was yours” he was standing now, finally having a chance to get a proper look at you. He thought you were attractive, lucky him.

“So, you just walk around the beach and lay on empty towels?”

“No, I just forgot to bring one.”

“You forgot to bring a towel to the beach?”

“Look I'm not from around here, this is the first time I've even been to the beach so excuse me if I'm not prepared.”

“Yeah but, didn't you know that beaches have like a lot of sand?”

Steve nodded his head, he had a feeling he knew where this was going.

“I'm just confused as to why you forgot a towel, if you knew you were going to the beach and that beaches have sand.”

Steve was so annoyed as you started laughing.

“I'm just messing around, the name's Y/N.”

“I'm Steve”

“Well Steve, you said you weren't from around here so where are you from?”

“I'm from Hawkins, Indiana”

Steve noticed the unimpressed look that you quickly tried to hide.

“What are you doing up here in sunny California?”

“I needed a break from home.”

“How long are you here for maybe we could hang out some more”

Steve just smiled at the offer as you both continued to talk the day away.


Steve was only in California for two weeks but, in those two weeks you both had gotten close. Steve was happy to have someone again, he was tired of being alone. He tried talking to you several times about maybe coming to visit him in Hawkins, but, each time you changed the subject.

He didn't get you, he thought you guys had something real. When you both layed together, it felt like you were his missing piece.

“Hey Y/N, before I leave, I uh, wanted to ask you something.”

“What did you need to ask?”

“ I'm thinking of coming back in like a month, do you want to do anything when I come back?”

“Sure, we could hang out some more, that'd be great.”

“Alright I'll call you or something. See ya in month Y/N”

He went to hug you but, you went in for a kiss. It was soft, softer than any kiss that Steve had ever felt but, it was short, too short.

“See you in a month Steve.”

You watched Steve pull out of the motel parking lot, and head towards Hawkins.


For a two weeks you were on his mind. He couldn't get you out of his head. He was replaying the kiss in his head, it was on a never ending loop.

There was a sudden knock on his door. It was probably Dustin needing an urgent ride to the arcade but, when he opened the door and realized that it was you and not Dustin, he was shocked.

“Y/N! How did you find my house?”

Steve never told you where he lived other than he lived in Hawkins.

“There were some kids riding their bikes and I just told them my name and asked where you lived. There was a kid with curly hair who was way too eager to give me your address.”

Steve chuckled at that, he knew you were talking about Dustin. Steve had mentioned you to the Party when they asked about California. They were dying to know who Y/N was after hearing Steve talk about her.

“Okay no offense but, why are you here? I called you last night and told you that I would be back in California in two weeks.”

“Look, I know but, I couldn't wait two weeks. I missed you.”

“I missed you too.”

This time Steve went in for the kiss. This time the kiss was longer and more passionate.

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