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It was a nice summer day in Hawkins, it was the perfect temperature for a walk around town. You and Steve had been hanging out all day, and you insisted that you both walk around. You had a big fat crush on Steve and sometimes it seemed like all of Hawkins knew about your crush except Steve. Which bothered you, of course, you didn’t like how everyone in Hawkins was in your business.

There was one time where you were at Radio shack Bob Newby asked if your crush on Steve had went anywhere yet, you politely said no and asked about Joyce and the Byers boys but, on the inside you were screaming.

You often asked yourself, how everyone in this stupid town knew about your crush except the boy you had a crush on. As you were walking with Steve you thought about it some more, who could you have possibly told that would spill the beans? Then it hit you, Dustin Henderson, you had told Dustin one night while you were babysitting him, he asked you about and you thought why not let the kid know, maybe he could act as your wingman. But you were wrong, Dustin probably told the party, which probably led to Will telling Bob, which probably means Steve might actually know.

Your body stiffened a little at that sudden realization. Hopefully Steve didn’t notice, you also realized that your hand had been slightly brushing against Steve’s hand as he continued to walk next to each other. You felt the blood rush to your cheeks, it wasn’t even dark out yet, he could have seen the way you blushed as his hand brushed against yours for the thousandth time tonight. Maybe he’s doing it on purpose?

You were probably over thinking it, you guys were just walking next to each other, you were closer to him than usual, just to test your theory you walked away from him slightly, just enough to leave a slight gap between your two bodies. After walking for about 5 minutes the gap was closed and Steve was less than half an inch away from you.

So, this wasn’t in your head, you weren’t over thinking it, Steve was doing it on purpose. He should just grab your hand already, and just hold it, you wouldn’t mind that.

Steve was in the middle of telling a story about his basketball game last week, you were there but, he was retelling you the story about how he shot a buzzer beater. You looked at him, and decided to just ask him.

“Steve, I hate to interrupt but, are you gonna hold my hand or what? Because you’ve been brushing your hand against mine this entire walk and that’s nice and all but, It’d probably be better if you just held my hand.”

You were never this bold, you were trying to read his face, he was shocked, understandably so,  then he smirked a little.

“You want me to hold your hand?”

You rolled your eyes.

“I mean I just told you to hold my hand, so, what do you think Steve?”

He chuckled slightly.

“Alright Y/N, I’ll hold your hand, but, you know I like you too right?”


Now were in shock, you figured out that he probably knew about your crush but, you didn’t think he would actually like you back.

“Yeah, I mean Dustin told me that you liked me, and then Joyce Byers asked when I was gonna ask you, and I think now would be the best time. So, do you want to go out like right now?”

“Yeah let’s have our first date, where do you want to go?”

“The diner?”

“Yeah let’s go to the diner”

You never thought that you would be thankful for Dustin Blabbermouth Henderson but, you were so thankful for that boy right now.

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