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Dustin kept complaining about the batteries in his walkie talkie dying and Steve had heard about it enough so, he took Dustin to Melvaid’s to get some damn batteries. Dustin took it upon himself to get some snacks too since Steve’s house lacked the proper amount of snacks.

Steve had lost Dustin, he wandered around the store for about 5 minutes before he finally spots Dustin talking to someone. Steve walks towards Dustin.

“Hey Shithead let’s pay and leave.” Dustin turned around, he was going to say something back but, you laughed and they both turned to look at you. Steve nearly froze, you were stunning. He was quickly brought back to reality as Dustin grabbed his arm and dragged him towards check out. After paying and going out to Steve’s car, Steve had to know who you were.

“Hey did you know her?” He turned to face Dustin, who was already eating some of the snacks. Dustin furrowed his eyebrows together.

“Did I know who? The girl I was talking to?” Steve rolled his eyes.

“Yes, her. Who else would I be asking about?”

“Oh yeah I know her, she used to babysit me when I was younger. Her name’s Y/N Y/L/N. Why?”

“No reason, I was just curious, I’ve never seen her before.”

“Oh well, she moved away like 4 years ago but, I guess she’s back now.”

“Oh cool.”

They drove back to Steve’s house, Steve was thinking about you the whole drive, and before he went to bed, and when he woke up. He needed to talk to you somehow, but, he had only seen you while you were working.

Steve went to the store a lot more often now, he was trying to work up the courage to talk to you. Every time he did, he would end up psyching himself out and he wouldn’t talk to you. Steve ended up staring at you a lot, and you caught him staring at you almost every damn time. He would try to play it off like he was looking for something. One of the weeks that he went there, he ended up buying six gallons of milk in 2 days.

The Party was having a movie night at Steve’s house but, once again, Steve’s house lacked snacks so off to Melvaid’s they went. The Party split up, Dustin, Will and Steve were on drinks duty, Mike and Eleven were on popcorn duty, and Max and Lucas were are on ice cream duty. Steve saw you standing next to the cash registers but, what he didn’t see was the shelf full of soda that he was about to walk into.

You heard a crash followed by groans, you walked over to the source of the noise, and you couldn’t help but laugh. One of the sodas had exploded upon impact and sprayed the boys in the aisle. Dustin looked at you and rolled his eyes.

“You know this is your fault right, Y/N.” You looked at him with confusion written all over your face.

“What do you mean it’s my fault? I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the one that ran into the shelf.” Dustin groaned.

“Because you distracted Steve and he ran into the damn shelf!” Dustin was clearly annoyed but, not as annoyed as Steve was.

“Really Henderson?” you heard Steve say as he was putting his hands on his hips.

“Really Harrington. You didn’t have to fucking stare at Y/N, you could’ve played attention to where you were going but, no you had to fucking stare at her.” Steve’s face was bright pink.

“So, what you’re saying is, that it’s actually Steve’s fault.” you tried to relieve some of the tension.

“Yeah, I guess that’s what I’m saying.” Dustin grabbed Will to go clean themselves up in the bathroom, leaving you and Steve alone in the aisle.

“So, you were staring at me?” There was a slight awkward silence hanging in the air.

“Yeah, I was. Listen, I’m sorry about what that shithead said. I’ll pay for the soda that got damaged and I’ll help you clean it up, I’m really sorry about this.” Steve was starting to ramble a bit.

“Look Steve, it’s fine, really. If you’re so sorry, you can just take me out sometime.” Steve couldn’t believe what you had just said.

“Sorry, what?”

“I’ve seen you in here like, 4 times a week just staring at me and buying milk. So, I was just thinking that I get off in like 5 minutes and maybe  we could do something tonight. I mean if you wanna.” This time you were the one that was rambling.

“Actually, I’m doing a movie night tonight with Dustin and his friends.” You looked down at your shoes.

“Oh that’s okay.” You started to walk away.

“I don’t think they would care if you came. You might have to fight Dustin for shotgun though.”

“Alright, see you in 5.”

“See you in 5.”

Who knew that Steve’s frequent trips to Melvaid's could end up scoring him a date.

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