Dustin's Two Favorite People pt 1

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Your dad left when you were 10, Dustin was 5, he didn't understand what was happening at the time but, you did. You didn't have much of a support system, you had your mom and Dustin but, your mom became distant and Dustin was only 5, what could he have done to make you feel better? One day at school you broke down, Tommy H made fun of you for your dad leaving and you started crying. Everyone was staring at you, you were sat in the middle of the gym with tears running down your face, teachers couldn't console you, your mom wasn't answering the phone, a little boy sat down next to you and hugged you for what felt like an eternity.

That boy was Steve Harrington, he told you not to listen to jerks like Tommy and that he would be your friend. You two were thick as thieves until you were 15, that's when you started high school. That's when your best friend Steve Harrington became an asshole.

From ages 10-15, you and Steve were inseparable. He was a regular at your house since his parents were out of town. You noticed that you developed feelings for Steve when you were 13, he never knew and you would've never let him know either.

When you were 15, Steve started hanging out with Tommy. He left you, he started coming over less, he didn't call you as much, he never asked if you wanted to bike around town with him and if you asked him he always had chores to do. You got the hint and stopped trying to keep your friendship alive. You kept to yourself, which led you to sitting by a quiet boy at lunch on the first day of 9th grade. His name was Jonathan Byers, neither of you made an effort to talk to each until about a month into school.

You and Jonathan were made fun of a lot, mostly by Tommy. Everytime he picked on either one of you Steve was with him, he didn't bother stopping him. One time Tommy knocked your lunch on the ground, and instead of helping you Steve kicked your sandwich just slightly further away. That's when you finally put it in your head; Steve Harrington is an asshole.

You were with Jonathan when he took those pictures, you were helping him look for Will, you were also there when Steve broke Jonathan's camera. That night you drove by Steve's house and popped one of his tires on his car. You hated Steve Harrington and couldn't believe he was your best friend just two years ago.

You were also there when Jonathan, Nancy and Steve were fighting a demogorgon, it ran at you and you froze in fear, then you saw Steve swing a bat that had nails coming out of it at the demogorgon. That was the first night you talked to Steve in 2 years.

"Y/N" He nodded at you.

"Steve" you nodded back.

"Look, I'm sorry." You rolled your eyes and sighed heavily.

"Save it asshole, I don't want to hear your half-assed apology okay?" and with that you left.

It was your senior when Jonathan started to hang out with Nancy more, which means you started to hang out with Nancy, which also meant that you started to hang out with Steve. You liked talking to Nancy, and you could tell that Jonathan had developed a small crush on her so, being the amazing friend you are you put your hatred towards Steve aside.

You were outside of the bathroom door of Tina's house when you heard someone yelling about "bullshit" and then Nancy ran out and Steve followed. You saw Jonathan take her home and you decided to look for Steve. You found him sitting in his car with his head in his hands. You tapped on the passenger side window, and he leaned over and opened the door for you. A moment of silence passed, and you decided to speak.

"Are you okay?" You voice was hushed.

"Am I bullshit?" He wasn't looking at you, he still had his head in his hands.


"Well apparently my relationship was." You cringed at his statement. You reached out and started to pat his back awkwardly.

"Oh God, um... fuck, I'm not really good at this but, I'm sure she was just drunk, yeah you were talking to drunk Nancy, sober Nancy isn't as bitchy as drunk Nancy." You were scrambling to try and get your thoughts together. You felt him chuckle slightly.

"Yeah, I remember when my hamster died and you told me that he could probably come back to life if lightning hit my yard hard enough kind of like Frankenstein." You cringed at the memory.

"I'm being serious though Steve, she was drunk, she didn't mean it."

"Y/N, what happened to us? We used to be best friends and now you hate me."

"I don't hate you, I tolerate you" Steve rolled his eyes, he wanted you to be serious.

"Tommy H is what happened to us, I don't know if you know this or not but, once you started hanging out with Tommy, you became a huge asshole, you left me for Tommy, and when Tommy gave Jonathan and I shit, you didn't step in, like at all." Steve thought about what you said for awhile.

"Yeah but, I tried to apologize to you and you didn't want to hear it. I tried to fix it." You rolled your eyes at him.

"Maybe it's cause you were an asshole to me for 2 years, you never made an effort to apologize before we fought the demo-thing and I really didn't want to hear you apologize after we almost died."

"You're so fucking ridiculous."

"I don't know why I thought I should even check up on you, you're such an asshole." You got out his car and left. You started walking home when Hopper pulled over and told you to get your ass in the car so that he could take you home.

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