Dustin's Two Favorite People finale

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You forgave Steve, obviously. He was one of your best and only friends at the moment. You forgave him a month after telling Dustin about what happened between you and Steve.

You have spent the past few months burying your feelings deeper and deeper. You were not willing to tell Steve about your feelings, you had just gotten him back as your best friend and you wanted to keep it that way. You had to tell someone though, but with Steve being your only friend, who could you tell? You didn't feel like you could trust a bunch of 14 year olds either.

You didn't have anyone else to tell, you could tell your mom but, she has a blabbermouth, Nancy maybe, nope you were not about to tell Nancy how you had feelings for her ex, you could talk to Jonathan but, you haven't spoken to him in months. You thought about the adults you could trust with a secret like this, Hopper was good at keeping secrets he didn't really talk to Steve so you probably tell him, Joyce had a lot on her plate, you didn't want to trouble her even more. After spending some time thinking about who you could tell and who you couldn't tell. Dustin bursts through your door.

"When are you and Steve gonna start dating already?" Your eyes grew wide at his statement.

"Dustin what are you talking about?"

"Don't play stupid with me Y/N, you know what I'm talking about."

"Okay fine, you want an answer?" Dustin nodded his head frantically.

"It's never gonna happen, now get out of my room." Dustin sat on your bed, refusing to leave. You huffed in annoyance.

"Why do you even care? My love life is none of your business."

"Because the whole party wants you guys to get together. Steve talks about you all the time, he really likes you." You blushed at the end of Dustin's statement. Dustin noticed the slight blush on your cheeks.

"Oh my God, you're ridiculous! You like him but, you're not gonna do anything about it!"

"Dustin, you need to calm down."

"You were in a bad place when Jonathan and Nancy started dating and I know that a lot of shit went down after they started dating too. But then you started talking to Steve again and you were happy again. I just can tell that he makes you happy and you're my big sister and I love you, I want you to always be happy that's all." You were speechless, you never told Dustin about how you were feeling, you always put on a brave face, you felt like you had to stay strong for Dustin, you didn't realize that he could see right through it.

"Dustin, I am happy, I just can't tell Steve. Not right now, I will soon though okay? I just want to figure out what to say to him when I tell him, okay?" Dustin nodded in agreement, you hugged him good night and went to bed.

You woke up the next morning with a lot on your mind. You needed to tell Steve how you felt, you just needed to figure out how and when the best time would be. You didn't want to do it around all of the kids, and you didn't want to do it during school or after his basketball practice was over. You were going to have to do it at your house on a Saturday. Dustin usually wasn't home on Saturdays, he would be at the Wheeler's house so, it worked out perfectly. You would call Steve over to hang out, and then you would just tell him.

You were dreading Saturday, you weren't ready to tell him how you felt. You kept almost backing out of it and actually hang out with him on Saturday. It was Thursday, this week went by faster than you hoped. You were hoping that this week would drag itself out as long as possible. You told Dustin that you would be telling Steve on Saturday, and he couldn't contain his excitement. He rambled on about how his 'two favorite people in the world would finally be together'. When you told him that you didn't want anyone home when you told Steve, he was bummed, he was hoping that after you told Steve the three of you could celebrate.

It was finally Saturday and Steve would be at your house in just a few minutes. Despite your many protests, you let Dustin stay home from hanging out at the Wheeler's. You made him stay in his room, he wasn't aloud to leave unless you told him to. You heard three knocks on your front door, this meant that Steve was here. You opened the door, to see Steve with a bunch of movies in his hand.

"Hey so, I saw these at the $2 bin at the store and I just grabbed a bunch, what do you want to watch?"

"Actually, Steve can we talk first?" Steve nodded his head and followed you to the couch. As you sat down you could hear the floor creaking, you knew that meant Dustin snuck out of his room.

"So, what did you want to talk about?"

"Um... well, I've wanted to tell you for awhile now,  I really like you Steve. Like a lot. I don't mean to just like drop this on you all of a sudden but, I need to know if you feel the same." It was silent for a second, Steve looked like he was trying to get his thoughts together.

"I like you too, I like you a lot actually. I just didn't know if you felt the same and we just started hanging out again, I just didn't want to ruin anything." Steve ran his hands through his hair. It was quiet again before you heard the floor creak.

"Dustin you can come out now!" Dustin walked out of the hallway.

"Y/N, Steve, nice to see you both. I was just in my room... cleaning it. Yeah I was cleaning my room! How are things?" You and Steve glanced at each other and then you both rolled your eyes at Dustin.

"Dude, seriously? We heard the floor creak. You aren't that slick bud." Steve said as he ruffled Dustin's hair. Dustin sat in between you and Steve.

"So, are you guys dating now? Because if you are we need to talk about some things, Steve. Ya know, man to man." You snorted at Dustin's 'man to man' remark.

"Are we dating Y/N?" Steve asked jokingly, instead of answering him with words, you gave him a soft peck on the lips.

"Okay, that's one of the things we need to talk about. Let's go Steve." Dustin stood up with his arms crossed, waiting impatiently for Steve to follow him in to his room. After about 10 minutes, Steve came back from talking with Dustin.

"So, what did you boys talk about?" Steve shook his head.

"He told me that we can't kiss in front of him, and he said that he would 'kick my ass worse than Billy Hargrove did, if I ever hurt you'." This time you shook your head.

"Well that's better than I thought it would be."

"Yeah, he's a good kid, he's just looking out for his sister."

"Okay now let's watch these movies!" You said with excitement.

You heard Steve laugh as he got up and put in a random movie. You sat cuddled up next to Steve and about 5 minutes later Dustin walked in and sat on the floor in front of you. About an hour into the movie, and Steve noticed that both of the Henderson kids were fast asleep. He took a minute to think about how lucky he was to have the prettiest girl in Hawkins as his girlfriend and that her little brother was such an amazing kid.

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