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After another year of record low blood supply, the Vampires initiated the Second Great War against the Wolves.

It was also around this time that the Pureblood, bred by the greatest house and born to the highest bloodline for the sole reason of leading the attack, disappeared.

Hunters and trackers searched every corner of the land, but to no avail.

No one has seen or heard from him since.

Some even theorized that the news of a Pureblood born to the Dietrich household was made up to build up hype for the then upcoming war.

However, years later, certain rumors surfaced.

A vampire possessing a unique ability was going around to heal all ailments of the Disabled.

Those who couldn't stand the sunlight finally were able to walk out and see the light of day. Those with odd deformities could now roam freely without the burden of disgracing their houses. For them, it was no longer a hopeless dream to belong to society.

Because of this supreme being, the disgraceful "Disabled" caste was inching towards total eradication, marking the first major revamp in the caste hierarchy in millennia.

Where there was an outcast in need, a miracle would follow.

And soon, it became apparent that it was the work of none other than a Pureblood. When the Elders heard of this, they once again engaged in numerous efforts to retrieve him only to bump into continued disappointment.

It was impossible to ever track him, but it was extremely difficult to not recognize him if one did see him.

Word has it that the Pureblood's appearance was matched by no other, exceeding that of his predecessor. Not even the highest of noble lords and ladies could imitate half his grace and elegance. There was also nowhere he went without a certain red-eyed beauty who carried herself with equal charm and refinement.

But more notably, the Pureblood always proudly wore his own pair of crimson alongside hers.


You have reached the end of (Master's Vampire) Outcaste.

Was it all you expected? Or nothing even close? 

Did you feel like there were any unanswered questions? If yes, don't hesitate to voice them. However, I won't answer any questions that have been already answered. I won't stop you from reading again though (this time without any breaks—i.e. if you followed this story while it was still in progress).

This is more of a vampire's "coming-of-age" story than mainstream vampire romance, though I'm sure you figured this out by now. Still, I'm glad to know that some of you stuck around for this unconventional take of vampire life.

I feel vampires aren't too different from humans. They have their inferiorities, troubles, and insecurities too despite not seeming so. Somehow I wasn't fully satisfied with how they've been repeatedly portrayed in other stories.

Thus, the birth of this one.

And of course, I wanted it to do well.

Thanks to all of my readers, I had a lot of fun writing this. Despite all the long hours of staying up late (or early, however you see it), I'm glad I finished it.

To all my supporters who so loyally read, voted, commented, and genuinely loved my writing, I am very touched that you so determinedly stuck with my story on its subjectively long course. I've seen so many come and go that I can't really explain how happy it made me each time I saw a returning reader/follower.

You are so so precious and it means so much that you would take your valued time from your busy day to come and read my story and be devoted enough to come back every time without fail.

Now that this story is drawing to a close, I will truly miss you very much especially since this is my first story on Wattpad, therefore making you my some of my first readers.

So as always, if I hadn't made it clear enough already, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!

Much love, kewpid

Final a/n: The final chapter (the one after this) is not a part of this book. Evelyn's story is officially concluded.

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