⌜ fifteen ⌟

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renjun continued to pat the younger's back, rubbing circles whenever the sobs gets louder and louder

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renjun continued to pat the younger's back, rubbing circles whenever the sobs gets louder and louder. he didn't hurry the younger up to explain what happened, he waited. he waited for him to calm down. he gave him time to cry and let it all out.

renjun doesn't know how much it hurts but if jaemin is crying this much then it must have hurt badly.

does heartbreaks hurt this much?❞ jaemin managed to say but with his voice cracking. ❝because i feel like i'm being stabbed.

now renjun knows what the pink haired is crying about. of course, he mentioned that he is out on a date and jeno's friends told them that he came home looking irritated as heck. it took him a long time to know that something bad happened during the date, the girl perhaps cheated and that is maybe the reason why jaemin is crying.

this girl must be so important that she could make jaemin cry this easily. as far as renjun observed, harsh words and physical violence doesn't make jaemin shed even a tear. and here is this one girl, just breaking his heart, making him cry a river of tears.

how can she do that?❞ jaemin finally raised his head, letting renjun see a state the babysitter never thought it would happen. ❝we have been together for two years.

red puffy eyes, lips swollen, tears falling down from his eyes. renjun forgot for a moment that this broken person right here is the same as the one who's stubborn, who always looks for a fight at small things, and who does not want to lose at any argument. he was seeing a new na jaemin.

am i not enough?❞ jaemin tried not to break down but thinking about his flaws made him sob again, ❝what does he have that i don't? i'm clearly taller than him, sweeter than him. heck, i'm made out of boyfriend material.

renjun wanted to say something about that last line but decided to stay quiet. he wanted jaemin to let it out before he says something. plus, he is still making out the words that are fitted for this situation.

is it because he's a good kisser?❞ jaemin pressed his lips into a thin line, ❝and here i thought of giving her my first kiss.

well it's a good thing you didn't.❞ renjun said, covering his mouth after realizing that he said his thoughts out loud.

but still..❞ jaemin looked down, his hands gripping the bed sheets very tight, ❝it hurts.

renjun will never know how much it hurts until he experiences it. but there is this one person he knows that might have been hurting this much. thinking about it, he feels bad for this person. does he suffer everyday like this? always having the thought of the person he loves loving another person. ❝meet jeno then.

what?❞ jaemin stopped crying for a moment but the pain was still visible in his eyes.

seeing someone you love being with someone else,❞ renjun knows that he'll get in trouble after saying this to jaemin but he can't just let jeno be hurt. ❝jeno knows that feeling.

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