22. Life or Death

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Told you the next update would be soon. Though, you may not like how I end this one.


Nicky's POV

"You didn't arrest Sarah just because she had a tattoo," I say before he can leave.

He turns to glare at me. At least, I'm assuming he's glaring at me, hard to tell with his sunglasses on.

"I should have," He states. "As a matter of fact, I should go and arrest her right now seeing as I'm no longer stuck on babysitting duty."

My anger starts to flare up. "I didn't ask you to protect me. That wasn't my choice. If you recall I kept trying to get away from you."

"And I should have let you go!"

"I'm not arguing with you on that." I cross my arms over my chest as I glare at him. "You didn't condemn Sarah just because of a tattoo."

"She said herself that she did bad things."

"So? Did you even stop to ask yourself if there was the remote possibility that I didn't have a choice in what I did?" I so had a choice.

His mouth forms a firm line and his jaw clenches up yet again. "Did you?"

I don't answer.

"See?" He growls out. "I asked you before how you knew these people, why Volkov was after you and you tell me you saw something? You were a part of the gang!"

"The key word in that sentence being were as in, past tense. As in, no longer," I say. "And to be fair, you never specifically asked whether or not I had been a part of the gang."

"Keep talking," His voice is deadly. "Go on."

I glare at him before blowing out a sigh. "Please just let me explain."

"Explain what?" He asks sarcastically. "It's no longer my problem. Agent North is coming to take over and should he see your tattoo and decide you don't need to be protected anymore, so be it."

Right now, I'm just happy he hasn't completely jumped to she's Nicolette Moore, just yet. So far my biggest sin in his eyes is being one of the bad guys. Which is why he can't understand why he's been protecting me.

I don't care to imagine what he'd do if he were to actually learn who I really am.

"You know," He starts again. "for someone so keen on getting rid of me, you're trying awfully hard to get me to stay."

Because I-I don't know why . . . Yes, yes you do.

I open my mouth to say something, what I'm not entirely sure. What he says is completely true. Just a little while ago I was trying to get away from him, now I was wishing he'd stay.

Before he can step out of the apartment and into the hallway though, his phone rings.

He mutters curses and drops one of the bags, pulling his phone out of his pocket with his now free hand. "What?" He snaps into the phone. He waits for a moment as whoever's on the other end speaks to him before frowning, muttering more curses, and then holds the phone out to me.

"It's for you," He says simply.

I look at him curiously before taking the phone when he doesn't explain anything further. "Hello?" I say into the phone when I put it to my ear.

"Don't talk, just listen."

"Sarah?" I question as I hear her voice.

"I don't have a lot of time so I need to make this quick," She says. She says something else but I'm unable to catch it.

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