Golden Silence

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|Writer's POV|

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|Writer's POV|

It had been a few dreadful months since Tsukiko left her beloved guild of Fairy Tail, she had seen a few of them when she was walking through towns, collecting resources for her endless training, but as she expected, no one remembered who she was. She had travelled so far away from Magnolia that it was becoming rare to see her old guildmates. Not long after she finished the memory wipe at Fairy Tail, had she been to the others guilds and done the same thing, no one knew who she was anymore, not a single person.

As she was out in the world again, she felt the need to hide her fox-like features, so she used some of her magic to make them disappear, and on days that she didn't really want to do this, she just put on a large cloak.

She never stayed in the same place, she travelled for days at a time, rarely sleeping and eating, but it was what she wanted. She was free again, and although she did love her time at Fairy Tail, she had constraints there, on her magic and many other things. She couldn't settle down with somebody or get to close with anybody, it would simply hurt too much to leave them in the end.

She regretted many things about leaving that day, but she knew what had to be done, no matter the consequences, so she was back to being alone. She hadn't seen any of her spirit friends either, although she could call them out at any time, she didn't want anyone to know of her location, so she cut all ties with them, which wasn't that rare either, but just as difficult.

Tsukiko wondered for days on end, never really having a destination in mind, but looking for a place that she could use to train. Some place where monsters were a regular occurrence so that she can harness all her magic and push the boundaries on her limits. She slowly started to release more magical power when she was walking, having it dormant for so long made it slightly painful to awaken, even in small quantities, it was still a lot of power.

But all regrets and missteps aside, Tsukiko had made many improvements in her magical capabilities now that she was free. She was able to use whatever type of spell that she wished to and to whatever power level she wanted to, which was a given on her side, she could now properly train without limitations. And, as harsh as it sounds, she is kind of happy that she left, she hadn't felt so powerful in years and with constant danger lurking around the corner, she knew that she wouldn't regret it much in the years to come.

She had already wished to go back home to Fairy Tail, but she had to constantly remind herself that that place wasn't her home anymore, no one knew who she was and in the mists of everything, she would just be a stranger to them, someone who they passed on the street, no familiar bonds or shared secrets, nothing new and nothing old would ever come from that past relationship, and that was that. She was determined to make sure of it.

So for weeks, she travelled alone, fighting any beast that stumbled upon her path. She, because of her species, was special to the animal world, and therefore met a lot of animals who admired her and helped her along the way. The fact that she mostly used animal spirits to help her fight was also a given factor in this. Foxes were the easiest animals to get along with because she was a distant relative to their kind. She had spoken to the younger generations and became something of an older sister to them, the older generation cared for her as one of their own, and all the ones that she already knew made up for lost time at any chance they got. However, this didn't last long as Tsukiko had to move onto the next forest or town. She did promise that she would be back, but when that would be, no one knew.

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