The Death Reaper

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Prince Wang Jian lifted his head, sweeping his eyes over the ocean of cadavers scattered on the courtyard. He met with his brother in law, warlord Jungjie and the members of Changi clan outside the walls of the Sui palace.

They spent days huddled together for hours inside a small tent, staring at the map of the palace as they carefully planned and strategized their upcoming siege.

Prince Wang Jian only had hours of sleep for the past few days, he couldn't sleep even if he wanted to. His nerves got the best of him just like any other man in the camp. No one ever sleeps the night before a big battle.

At break of dawn, the darkest hour of the morning when he led his men to the heavily armed gates of the Sui palace. He was to take on the first wave of the battle clearing the path for his brother in law to take his soldiers inside.

The fighting outside last about forty minutes before his men broke through and destroyed the first defense of the Sui palace. The southern soldiers then stormed to the courtyard, clashing sword with what remained of the Sui guardsmen protecting the entrance.

It was the tip of the hour, the final frontier. Prince Wang Jian had already won the battle outside.

Prince Wang Jian whipped his gaze distantly, for a moment he thought he heard his wife's voice called out to him.

His eyes searched the field, frantic. He Lian's voice came out to him clear and crisp as though she was there with him, standing beside him. It was eerie enough that goosebumps sprouted covering his thick skin.

The prince couldn't help the sudden surge of panic in his chest. Something told him, something was not right. He shouldn't have a strange premonition about his wife like that.

"Is everything alright?" His attention was yanked back to the present by his royal subject, lord Chua Chanshin. The young lord walked up to him as he wiped away the stain of blood dripping on his blade.

"I don't know." Answered prince Wang Jian remotely out of himself. "I thought I heard He Lian's voice a moment ago."

"That's impossible." Said lord Chua Chanshin, his attention went to his master. "She's nearly a thousand miles away from here."

"Yes, it was strange, but I know what I'm talking about, I couldn't mistake her voice, she sounded as if she was here with me."

"You don't think..." Lord Chanshin paused, his mind was captured with a sudden awareness.

"The Sui princess!" Prince Wang Jian shouted sharply. "Go find the Sui princess!" His frantic voice snarled as he commanded every man in sight to search for her.

His men took off searching, kicking, knocking and breaking everything - killing everyone in sight in an effort to locate the princess. But hours passed and the search continued with fruitless success, without any clue of the Sui princess anywhere.

Prince Wang Jian grew desperate as the day ate away and resulted in gathering his men to join the throne room.

The fighting had ended and warlord Jungjie's forces along with the Changi clansmen had won the final battle against what's left of the Sui forces.

The emperor was captured along with the empress and the crown prince, keeping them alive for the time being. For the theatrics, for the drama, for the climax of the show.

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