⌜ twenty one ⌟

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❝you kissed me!❞

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you kissed me!

you kissed back!

because you kissed me.

and you didn't even push me away.

jaemin closed his eyes in frustration. is this how renjun felt when he and and jeno always argues because it was so fucking annoying. it was already night and jaemin went out of his room to peacefully watch a movie but was disturb moments later when jeno went out to drink water and renjun went out because he was scared being alone.

he guessed that the two were awkward inside the room since he didn't hear them quarrel there. they just decided to argue in the kitchen to probably annoy the shit out of jaemin.

shut up! please, i'm trying to watch a movie here.❞ he screamed, and sure did stop the two.

he then glared at the two and they were back again with being shy with each other with confused jaemin. one minute they argue and another minute they act like teenagers talking to their crushes. he didn't know where to get mad at, at renjun or at jeno? but what he knows is that he surely didn't like the sight of them kissing.

it wasn't because he found it disgusting which is the problem. if he didn't find the two disgusting then what is the reason behind what he's feeling?

l-let's just go..❞ jeno rubbed his nape.

renjun nodded, looking everywhere but jeno ❝s-sure..

and after hearing jaemin's prayers, the two went up to jeno's room which they shared because jeno and jaemin were somehow still not in good terms for who knows the reason. minutes passed without the two quarreling and jaemin the silence annoying.

oh god what are they doing to me?❞ he groaned.

just when he was about to pause the movie, a jumpscare came out and made jaemin jump from the sofa and land his butt on the floor.

great.❞ jaemin covered his eyes and unplugged the tv, ❝i'm totally going to sleep tonight.

why did he even thought of watching a horror movie?

j-jeno.. uhm.. c-can you get my phone?❞ renjun stuttered, looking down at the bed covers.

oh.. n-no problem.❞ jeno could feel his legs wobble as he got down from his bed. he even almost stumbled his way to get renjun's phone that was somehow placed on top of a shelf.

renjun stared at the younger with a worried look, ❝a-are you okay?

jeno nodded, biting his lower lip in embarrassment. why can't they talk like how they usually talk? no stuttering, no looking away from each other, not feeling any embarrassment. if it were renjun, without the kiss happening, then he would have laughed at jeno for stumbling. but the kiss had to happen and now this happened.

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