29: Things Get Worse

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Ezra's view

There standing before us is Francis with a menacing expression and my immediate reaction is to stand slightly in front of Avery and Ally.

"I got suspended thanks to you faggots," Francis whines.

"No, that was your entire fault," I reply annoyed.

"God, won't you ever shut up," Francis replies shaking his head.

"Not when there are idiots like you running their mouths," I say through gritted teeth. He is really testing my patience today.

"Maybe its best if we all go our separate ways and no bother each other," Avery speaks up.

"I agree, that sounds like a great plan, right guys," Ally adds trying to defuse the situation a little.

"I think not, you guys got me in trouble, so if you think I will just leave you three runts alone, you're very wrong," Francis replies.

"Look, tensions are high right now, we can talk about this later," Avery says pulling me back.

"NO, how about we talk about it now. Let's talk about the fact that you little shits are disgusting and constantly ruin everyone's day," Francis yells.

"Stop blaming your shitty life on us, Francis. If your day gets ruined by looking at us then I guess its Karma getting you back," I yell back at him.

"You bitch," Francis yells at me just as he walks forward and raises his hands from his sides.

Before I can even react, I'm pushed to the left by Ally and Francis forcibly shoves her to the ground. She hits the ground hard groaning in pain and Avery kneels down by her.

"FRANCIS! WHAT ON EARTH WHERE YOU THINKING!" yells Mrs. Simons as she comes running over to Ally's side.

"Oh, Mrs. Simons, hi, I didn't see you there," says a panicked Francis.

"Don't hi me, you insufferable delinquent. Get your ass to the principal's office now," Mrs. Simons yells.

"But, I can explain why I pushed Ally. You see they were provoking..." Mrs. Simons cuts off Francis as she calmly gets up and stares him down.

"I have had enough of you, Francis. I will personally make sure you get expelled from this school. NOW GO TO THE OFFICE," Mrs. Simons tells him.

Francis gulps and runs down the hallway to the principal's office. Mrs. Simons faces us and helps Avery with getting Ally back up on her feet.

"Francis won't be bothering you three anymore, I promise," Mrs. Simons replies, "Is it okay if I leave you girls to go talk to the principals?"

"Yeah, I'm okay. Maybe my butt is bruised, but I'm good," Ally says.

Mrs. Simons walks down the hallway and I look over at Ally in shock. "Why did you do that? Why did you push me out of the way?"

"Because Avery loves you. And since Avery is like my sister, like hell I'm going to let anyone hurt you guys," Ally replies.

I'm so touched by her words I can't help but let a tear roll down my face. I have never felt this kind of compassion before.

"Woah, you're crying. I'm sorry I didn't mean to make you cry. Oh god, Avery what do I do. How the fuck did I make a badass cry?" Ally replies surprised at my sudden outburst of emotions.

"We just hug her and let her know we care," Avery replies embracing me in a tight hug.

"Okay. I'm down for a group hug," Ally teases as she hugs us both.

"I'm so grateful to have ever met you two," I whisper out.

Avery and Ally smile and continue hugging me until I stop crying.

The rest of the day goes by quick and soon school is over. Ally says goodbye to go home to ice her butt as Avery and I get into my car.

"What a hectic day," Avery sighs.

"Yeah, we need to figure out how to make it better?" I reply starting the car.

"Want to go to the movies?" Avery asks.

"Nah, how about the mall? We could look around and try on sexy clothes?" I tease.

Avery rolls her eyes, "Are you ever not horny?"

"When it comes to you, nope," I reply laughing.

"The mall has a bookstore and frozen yogurt," I add looking over at Avery to see if she bites.

"God, you know me so well," she replies.

"Of course I do, love," I reply letting one hand of the steering wheel to grab her hand and intertwine our fingers.

"I can't wait for this day to get better," Avery replies as she turns the volume up on the radio.

Me too. This day has been bad enough, it can only get better from here on out, right?


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