Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

 I torn away from Duke who looked pissed off that a person interrupted our moment.

 “I hope I wasn’t interrupting something.” Bertha said walking into a room with a blushing feisty girl and an rude, silent boy in it. She look at Duke.

 “I was just leaving.” He said walking out the room almost running out of the room. Oh so he’s scared of something, an old lady.

 She closed the door.

 Shit. I’m in hell now.

 “What was Duke doing here?” She said with a stern voice.

“He was apologizing.” I stated which wasn’t a lie.

“It didn’t seem like he were apologizing. Especially when he was hold you and must I say he was doing so very closely.” She said.

 “How can an elderly lady like you think such dirty, sinful things?” I said blushing.

“Anyone would think that if they saw you both like that. What were you thinking?” She said.

 “Do you know how important it is that we keep your identity unknown? Please so help me god did you show him your face?” She whispered.

I gave her a look as an answer.

“Don’t ruin this for me dear.” She said.

 “So what if I ruin this?” I said.

“It will be a disaster. Do you know how many people would wa-” “want to use me I get it but can’t you see what this is doing to me?” I said.

 “It’s for your own good and you know the risks.” She said.

I sighed.

“You don’t get it.” I said.

“What do I not get? I had already granted you one of your wished as yet you still are ungrateful for all the trouble I’m going through to keep you a secret.” She said.

 “I am grateful for your work but you don’t understand how I feel.” I stated while glaring at her.

“Your safety is the mos-”

 “No it’s not. If I’ve gone completely mental would that keep me safe from myself no.” I said turning around.

“It’s just you Bertha. It’s just you. What if you pass away then what will happen? Do you think I can live just talking to you.” I said.

 “What are you talking about? I still have years ahead of me.” She said.

 Oh Bertha you stubborn hag.

 “Do you know how loneliness is like? How badly it hurts an individual.” I said. “I know dear.” She said.

 “NO! You don’t know how lonely I feel. I’m not even allowed to socialize with anybody including my own kind. You have only allowed me to socialize with the elders and Charlie.” I said.

“I granted your wish by letting him talk to you.” She said.

 “Of course I want to talk to him but I want to talk to my own kind. We are all born differently with different paths. Whether you like it or not my path will not stop interacting with them.” I said.

 “They don’t even know a single thing about you.” She said.

“That’s because you won’t let them. How am I suppose to live my life for generations to come? You want me to live alone with loneliness. Loneliness is the worst kind of pain in the world.” I muttered.

 “Sometimes being in this room suffocates me. It’s like a bird cage that you made for me and my every basic needs but there was one you left out.” I said.

 “It’s called Love.”

 “I love you and you know I do but some kinds of love can’t be filled with only one type of love.” I said. “Charlie can filled that kind of love for you. After all his your childhood friend.” She said.

 Oh how I wished I could tell you.

 “What are you doing here anyways?” I said.

“The council has requested a council meeting in 4 hours. That will give you enough time to change.” She said.

 “Why are they requesting a meeting so soon when the Moon Ball is tomorrow.” I said.

“It’s something to do with the information collected from the visit to The City of Caliber. I believe something bad is going on.” She said.

 Damn it

 “Change the time limit to an hour. I want to know what’s wrong with the city immediately.” I said.

“Winter. This doesn’t have to do anything to your pas-”

 “No it hasn’t. Believe me when I do say so.” I said.

“Alright, I will be going. I’m too tired to start a debate with you knowing you. You’ll never lose when given the chance to.” She said before departing.

 I look out at the sky. The moon shines bright tonight. Something is definitely going to change. Tomorrow we will celebrate the moon with the moon ball.

 Bertha had my dress made a few weeks ago and a new masquerade mask.

 Tomorrow will be a happy day in the school but not for me.

 For the important day has come to see my classes and training has been proven. I will get my way with my life no matter what Bertha says. You can’t stop a determined ship once it has set it’s course and you definitely won’t stop mine. I won’t let you.

 I will return to what once was my home even though the past has left a hole that will never be replaced in the depths of my heart. I will be home.

 The City of Caliber

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