chapter thirty

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Thursday 7:01pm

hyukbin: did you get home safe?


hyukbin: um um how was the chicken cutlet though? pretty good right hAHAA it's from my favourite shop

you: i just got on the bus in front of you

hyukbin: i was just worried for your safety

you: well thanks but there's no need to be so extreme  haha

hyukbin: well i just hope you get home safely, text or call me if you're home okay :)

you: i will :-)


While on the bus, I listened silently to the tunes inside my phone with my earpiece. It was a pleasant study session with Hyukbin, it was enjoyable as always honestly.

Remembering back to the times even before high school, I used to have a big crush on him, he must have known it too since he started talking more to me nicely. Then I realised a thought, that maybe Hyukbin and I weren't meant to be together.

I'm one of those who has beliefs that if you meet a person thrice in events that were not meant to happen in the first place, it would have been fate's call.

Never have I met Hyukbin just by coincidence, but always because either he wanted to see me or I wanted to see him. Maybe I'm just stupid or too scared to fall in love, I'm making excuses around Hyukbin.

Then, my phone started playing a new song from the playlist, it was a BTS song. From that, I wondered if Hoseok had possibly liked me. With all the confessions from his members and himself, I just felt too overwhelmed to accept it. Why would someone so amazing like someone like myself?

To think about it, I did meet Hoseok for the first time on my birthday, but that was only once.


During the week, I tried my best to not text or call Hyejin, even if she mattered a lot to me. It wasn't like I was always ignoring her either, I just didn't have time with all the dance practices and settling with my members. I wished that somehow I could just live like an ordinary person for once.

"Hyung! Hobi? Hoseok, you feeling okay? You've been staring at a walk for like 10 minutes." Namjoon asked as he tapped on my shoulder.

"Yeah I'm good, uh we're done with our schedule for the day right?"

"Yeap, why do you ask?"

"I wanted to stroll around for a bit, but wasn't sure if we were done yet."

"Oh, of course Hyung you can go take a break. And maybe you should catch up with Hyejin."

Oh right, her.

Thursday 7:30pm

you: i got home, and so did my family

hyukbin: that's a good thing right? how's jisoo..

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