⌜ twenty four ⌟

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maybe it is renjun

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maybe it is renjun.

jaemin watched from the living room the two boys who are washing the dishes. not only that, they were playing. renjun filling the glass of water and then spilling it on jeno who was clearly shocked. jaemin huffed, bold of jeno to kiss him and then act in love with renjun. then again, jaemin asked for a kiss so it's not jeno's fault.

renjun what you do!❞ jeno screamed

you rubbed the soap on my cheeks, you deserved it.❞ renjun said as he giggled and the both of them ran around the kitchen with jaemin just looking at them.

what was the word again? jealous. ❝pfft? me, jealous?

he saw jeno catching up to renjun from behind and then tightly hugging him. the short male let out a yelp and jeno's hand, that was wet with water, wiped renjun's face. the chinese then whined and gave up from squirming.

jeno giggled, jaemin couldn't help but admire that beautiful smiling face of the boy. he then had the thought of just making him smile forever and hurt whoever makes jeno frown. he then was snapped out from his thoughts when he saw jeno giving renjun a peck on the forehead.

he placed a hand on his chest, clutching it ❝is this jealousy?

yes it is honey.

jaemin flinched when he suddenly heard a voice beside him. he jerked his head to the side and saw a teasing smile from donghyuck. he pushed the boy's head away from him and then went back to read a random book he just picked up from the table.

bet you just realized that i'm still here.❞ donghyuck dramatically fell down from the sofa with a fake cry, ❝you were too busy looking at the two of them to even notice me.

no i wasn't.❞ jaemin mumbled, slowly raising up his head from the book he is reading and went to look at what the two were doing as he didn't hear any noise anymore.

it's because they were kissing. the two of them were at the kitchen, quietly kissing with jeno back hugging renjun. that sight hurt jaemin so bad that he's starting to think that donghyuck is probably right. that he is jealous. how jeno's arms are wrapped tightly around renjun's small waist, how they looked good together, how passionate their make out session is.

but wait, why did he even think for a split moment of his arms tightly wrapped around renjun's small waist instead of jeno's? he shook his head and heard donghyuck's voice disturbing him again.

sure, you are definitely—

jaemin quickly diverted his eyes back to the book that he doesn't even know what page is. ❝i'm reading so can you kindly fuck off?

donghyuck was hiding a smile, jealous jaemin is surely something, ❝read one line out loud then.

that's when jaemin actually got to check out what book he is reading and what page he is at. but it took him seconds to even find out what really was going on.

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