⌜ twenty five ⌟

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waking up with a feeling of guilt, what a nice way to start the day.

jaemin woke up— no, he actually had no sleep. after storming to his room, he never went out. he knew he did something wrong, but he can't pinpoint to where he was wrong. that's what he's been finding out the whole night.

his eyes were heavy but he can't bring for them to close. as much as he didn't want to go out of his room, he didn't want to die of hunger. his stomach was growling, craving for food ever since last night.

please tell me the two are still cuddling and are not yet out.❞ jaemin prayed, he didn't want to see renjun. it will only make him more guilty than ever.

renjun~❞ jeno nuzzled his nose on the short male's neck, smelling a vanilla scent.

the older hummed as a reply and removed jeno's arms that are wrapped tightly around his waist. he then left him standing there as he placed the hot pot down the table. ❝call jaemin.

jeno tilted his head to the side, ❝what's wrong?

there's nothing wrong.❞ lie, renjun hated it that this was wrong. he loved receiving jeno's attention and affection. he had not yet tried having a boyfriend and has always been wondering how it feels having one. jeno right here is making him feel butterflies inside his stomach, he's not complaining though, but it's totally wrong.

jeno is engaged to jaemin, renjun reminded himself.

you are distancing yourself.❞ jeno pouted as he approached the older and was about to back hug him again but was stopped by the older himself.

jeno, you are engaged.

jeno didn't need a full explanation, that sentence already said everything. it is clear that renjun is moving himself away from jeno because jeno is already committed to someone. ❝but we are friends.

renjun scoffed at that, ❝friends don't kiss, jeno. they don't show affection like how you are giving me one.


you love jaemin.❞ renjun isn't mad, he wasn't angry either, he couldn't bring himself to get mad at jeno. the older then smiled, ❝i know you just need some attention, and i'm here to help you.

jeno doesn't know what renjun is planning but he sure isn't liking it.

i'm going to make jaemin love you back, i reassure you that.

jaemin? what if jeno doesn't want jaemin's attention anymore? jeno's going to admit it, he had grown some romantic feelings towards this short male but thanks to this chinese reminding him that he's committed to someone that doesn't even like attention, he is now hesitating in letting that feelings grow.

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