Chapter 17: Finding an Old Friend

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A/N - So the language I use for the dialogue in this chapter is Xhosa which is actually what the wakandans speak in Black Panther. Just wanted to clarify that I didn't make Erin speak gibberish!

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Once Steve and I broke into Barnes' run down apartment, I click the button hidden in the black ear guards that are on my ears. A nano mask soon spreads across my face, only covering the bottom half. I notice Steve walking around the room, analyzing every inch of the small apartment. He obviously still hasn't remembered much meaning that there is a large chance he will be hostile.

"Steve, don't." I whisper as the soldier picks up a journal from the top of the fridge. He, of course, doesn't listen.

Suddenly, I hear quiet footsteps behind me. The tense feeling in the room rises as I let my hands light up in preparation for a fight. I slowly turn around while raising my hands up. James' smiling face makes me drop my hands after turning around. Clicking the button that is hidden behind my ear, I return his smile.

"Hey, doll." he says.

"Barnes." I whisper while walking towards him. He opens his arms and pulls me into a hug once I was close enough. I wrap my arms around him, enjoying his embrace. Once we let go, I turn my head to see an almost jealous look on Steve's face.

"You've grown up." he comments, making me whip my head back towards him.

"You don't look to bad yourself." I tease.

"I guess you haven't changed much from the old days, huh?" Barnes chuckles.

"Maybe. Maybe not." I say in return.

"Do you remember me?" Steve interrupts. I quickly stand beside James, letting the two soldiers talk. Barnes stares at him blankly until he answers.

"Your Steve. I've read about you in a museum." Barnes answers.

While the two of them talk it out, I quietly walk behind James. As I listen to their conversation, Steve becomes more and more panicked with each passing second, making me suspicious. That's when I hear the soft taps of feet at the door.

Within a second, some kind of gas bomb is thrown through the window and right towards me. On instinct, I light up my hands and push it towards Steve who then covers it with his shield. Barnes then pulls up the mattress from the floor and pushes me under the large cushion. After rolling out from under it, two armored guys with guns smash through both windows. I violently push one away from beside Barnes, shoving them almost right through the window. Quickly crouching onto my knees, Barnes jumps over me and quickly knocks out the soldier.

Another one comes through the door and I push him out while Barnes runs towards it. Steve tries to stop him, to which the soldier flips him onto his back and punches the floor beside him. He then pulls out a backpack and throws it behind him.

During that time, two others drop beside me and start shooting at both Barnes and I. Quickly pushing both gunmen away from us, I jump on top of one's neck and flip him over, knocking him out. With my hands alight, I push the other violently across the room, taking him out as well.

Steve and Barnes took care of the last one, giving James a clear path towards me. Before we could try to escape, one last person drops through the window, already firing his gun. Even though I became intangible, Barnes still shielded me from the bullets. Once the gunfire stopped, James flipped him on his back, sending him into unconsciousness.

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