high school

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Jalen's p.o.v

I walked into the bedroom and looked around. The walls were a pale green and everything else was different shades of green.I looked to the bed and jumped onto it. A few seconds later and I was out like a light.

"Hey Jalen, wake up dude" I heard Ricky say. I was awake but I just wanted to mess with him. "Fine you can stay here all day and die of boredom while kasey and I go to school". I wasted no time hopping out of the and running to the bathroom. I brushed my hair down and used a lot of mouth wash since I didn't have a toothbrush. I ran back to the bedroom and threw on some black skinny jeans and a royal blue tee that said REALLY on the front and DON'T CARE on the back. I took my blue vans that I got last night and ran down stairs. Ricky and Kasey were already by the door with another boy who's name I think was Kenny or something. Ricky was wearing khaki cargo shorts with a black v-neck with black low cut converse. Kasey was wearing a dark pink tank top with pale blue jeans that had rips in the thigh, while wearing black combat boots. "You look bad ass" I said giving her a panting dog face with my tongue hanging out. "Let's go already "Kenny said laughing a bit.


"This place is huge" Ricky said doing a spun around of the main foyer. The foyer had green walls with black leather furniture and a flat screen on the wall. "The main office is just down the hall." Kyle said pointing straight forward. We walked into the office and talked to a middle aged woman. "How can I help you" She said giving us a smile that showed some bad teeth. "Register us, our names are Kasey williams, Ricky Torres and Jalen Torres we are all in 10th grade" Kasey said while her eyes glowed. The woman typed at the key board for a minute or two then printed out three papers handing one to each of us. "The 10th grade classes are all close together so you should find them pretty easily, just go to the end of this hall and make a right" the woman said paying no more attention to us anymore. We walked down the hall, there were two girls walking around staring at Ricky and kasey strangely. I took two small boxes and handed them to each of them. "What are these" Ricky asked giving me a curious look. "Contacts one is hazel abd the other is green, you two can't walk around with purple and red eyes" I said looking around. "And why don't you have to wear any" Kasey asked obviously pissed while putting the left contact in. "Because my eyes are normal looking" I said walking away from them. I walked to my first class of the day which was history. I opened the door to be met with about 26 pairs of eyes including the teacher's. I walked to the teacher and told him I was a new student.

"Class this our new student, his name is..." he said as if he wanted me to finish the sentence."Jalen, Jalen Torres" I said looking at the ground. "Ok Jalen you can sit next to Nate, Nate raise your hand" the teacher said nicely. I looked from my feet and stared into the eyes of the boy from the store. A small smile spread to his lips. I walked to the seat next to him and sat down. "Hi" Nate said trying to make conversation. "Hey ,Nate is it" I said trying to make it seem like I wasn't interested even tho I was dying to make actual conversation. "Do you remember me from last night" Nate said. I turned around slightly with a small smile on my face "yeah I do you were so nice" I said. "listen I know this sounds crazy but after last night I couldn't stop thinking about you, your smile, your eyes that blush" I then felt the nlood flowing to my cheeks. "See its so cute" he said a little too loudly. The teacher snapped his head around, "Mr. Torres and Mr.Gilbert could you please hush your conversation down" the teacher said with a boat load of authority in his voice. "Yes sir" we both said, a few seconds later a folded paper slid on my desk. I opened it and it read "Will you go out with me"

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