~ thirty ~

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     Disclaimer: lolol s m u t alert


     I awoke in my bed with my covers and sheets tangled all around my body. The sun was shining through my window, causing me to squint my eyes once I peeled them open. My eyelids felt plastered shut, though, being how I fell asleep. All I could remember were the tears. So many tears. It's never fun to sob yourself to sleep, but here I am!

     Honestly, I just want to punch myself in the face for everything that has occurred during these passed few days.

     Although I'd rather do literally anything else, I sat up from my pillows and scratched the back of my head as I looked out my bedroom window. The blinds were pulled open and that made the room a lot brighter than it should be. With a groan, I got up and aggressively shut the curtains so that that the sunlight would be much less intrusive to me. After doing that, I simply sat back down on my bed. It must be pretty late being the sun is already high up in the sky. Curiously, I checked my watch just to see if I was right.

     "Shit! It's 1 o' clock in the afternoon?!" I shouted to myself, "Thank God it's the weekend, damn!"

     I hurriedly ran down the hallway and into the living room of my home. My Aunt Mimi was sat on her recliner, sipping tea and reading a novel of some sort.

     "Bout time ye woke up!" She scoffed.

     "Yeah, no kiddin'! 'Least it's Saturday, right?" I chuckled, placing my hands on my hips.

     "Ye must be pretty hungry, huh? Ye never came down fer dinner last night and ye definitely haven't eaten breakfast yet!"

     "Ye've read me mind!" I smiled, "I'll make us some pancakes."

     "Don't worry yerself any, John, I've already got some made on the stove." Mimi stated, looking up at me as I was heading to the kitchen.

     I finger-gunned in her direction, "Swear yer a psychic or somethin'."

     Mimi rolled her eyes sarcastically and returned to reading her book. I quietly fixed myself to a plate of food and ate at the kitchen table.

     Eating really did help me feel a bit better than before. Normally, a little argument with someone i'm dating would never get to me as much, but this is different! This isn't just some bird I decided to have a fling with. This is Paul McCartney. No, i'm not sure what makes this boy so special, but I just know that he is. He is special to me. This lovesick feeling may be the death of me!

    I swallowed one last bite of the fluffy pancakes Mimi had made and washed my plate off in the sink. I took a dish towel that was laying next to the sink on a rack and then placed the dish back in the cupboard.

     "Be in me room if ye need me!" I said to my Aunt, heading back down the hallway.

     Mimi simply nodded in my direction just as I was going into my room. I shut the door behind me and flopped down into my bed just as I had done the night before.

     I sighed deeply as I stared off into space.

     Man, am I lonely as ever.

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