Chapter 2

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The children cried with shrieks of fear. They yelled forward, "the Persians are coming!"

They all ran across the city streets like their lives depended on it. Scurrying feet like small rats, they didn't even stop to catch their breaths. Instead, they hid under carts, building pillars, and around temple steps to hide from the Persian onslaught.

A girl, no older than five, tripped before she could go any further. "Don't leave me behind!" She called out.

From behind the Persian announced, "I found you!"

She screamed as the Persian picked her up from the waist. The warrior woman lifted the little girl from the ground and laughed while being spun in the air, "now I will eat all the babies like the barbarian I am!"

The woman began gnawing at the toddler's stomach. The little girl only laughed as she tickled her tummy. The toddler yelled, "help me sis!"

Another little girl, no older than six, ran up to Shida and hugged her by the leg, "let my sis go!"

"Catch." Shida dropped the toddler into the girl's body, and the older sister plopped onto her bum as her little sister fell into her arms.

The other kids came out from hiding. Four in total, all of them raised their tiny hands in the air, "eat me! Eat me!" They ordered.

The Persian woman patted two of them on the head. "I'm a Persian, you can't tell me what to do."

She still picked up two of the Spartan children and spun them underneath the pits of her arms. "Haha, I claim these Spartans as property of King Darius! May you all serve my king as slaves!"

The kids cried in laughter as they spun around from her waist. She did three more spins before she slumped back onto the ground and laughed with the other kids. The grass was brightly green in this area. Reflecting the sun with an almost golden glow. The fertilized soil made the water soft, as though all of the greek waters flowed beneath the soils.

She said to the kids, "you puppies are very lucky, I was raised atop of mountains, where the air was cold and plants were rare."

"Is that what Olympus is like?" One of the older children asked.

"I don't know. In fact, I don't even know what Olympus is. If its a mountain, I think it would be like my home."

From the distance, another figure walked towards the field the adult and children were laying on. "Shida," her friend said, "come on, Tao is ready."

Shida sat up from the grass. She stroked her raven colored hair after stretching her arms outward. That smile was encapsulating. Her natural tan skin and night colored hair shined. Shida's posture and physique was exotic to the men and children of Greece.

Ezra, in contrast, seemed bulky in comparison. Her boatsful frame implied strength and muscle. The heavier features were highlighted from her taller than average height, and any femininity Ezra could've had was tucked away due to her warrior lifestyle. The only thing 'pretty' from her was the brightly colored autumn shining hair, and even that was more often covered in armor.

Shida said, "okay, but we have to say bye to the children first."

The Spartan children were laying on the ground smiling. Ezra stared down at them with her flatlined face. The children frowned at the sight of her. Ezra said, "go home, or I'll eat you."

The children screamed, and scattered away from Ezra as they yelled 'monster' all the way home. These screams were more horrifying than playful like it was for Shida.

Shida said, "maternal instinct has left you, hasn't it?"

"It was never there to begin with."

Shida tilted her head and stared at Ezra's thighs, "are you sure? Those look like birthing hips."

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