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"Rebecca, where are you?" A voice asked as soon as I put the phone to my ear

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"Rebecca, where are you?" A voice asked as soon as I put the phone to my ear. My eyes widened to the size of saucers as realization dawned upon me.

"Oh, Ralph! I am so sorry, I-uh- I actually had to go home, I can't make it there. I was not feeling well... " I ended my lie with a loud cough to convince him.

"Oh? Well, take care, Rebecca.... Hope you get well soon. I don't really want to go without you on that trip."

"Don't worry, I think I just need to sleep it off, I'll be fine by tomorrow. Bye!," I quickly finished off, I really wasn't the best at lying or keeping out of trouble for that matter as my eyes shifted over to the figure of the man sitting next to me, pateniently waiting for the light to turn green.

"Lying to your boss?" His green eyes flashed with amusment, the corner of his lips rising slightly up in a devilish smirk.

"You-uh! You knew I had dinner with him! You were in the lift, with us, you made me forget..." I huffed out, under my breath, blaming him instantly.

He didn't say anything to my accusations, focusing his attention on the road while I narrowed my eyes at him.

"That is not the way..." I muttered out slowly as he took a sharp right turn, taking me in the opposite direction from my place.

He ignored me and I noticed it was getting dark now and the air outside was chilly, typical weather for the city. His hand suddenly fell on my knee and I jumped at the touch.

"I want to show you something," He responded back after a while, his hand burning my bare skin, his fingers skimming the edge of my skirt.  I inhaled sharply, feeling all my blood rush south and so did my thoughts as I bit my lip, wondering about all the things he could show me.

I hummed back a response as we again stopped at the red light, "Spread your legs."

He suddenly commanded and my things instantly parted, electricity running through my body as I felt goosebumps rise on my arms. I had no idea why I was listening to him in the first place when I was upset at him for making me skip the damn dinner but I was silently grateful that I wouldn't have to sit across Anita all evening.

"Naughty girl, Rebecca. No panties?" He muttered with humor in his voice as he successfully rolled up my skirt a little, his fingers meeting my skin instead.

I revelled into his touch as he moved away from my nether region, his hand coming back out from between my legs to change the gear and finally again, rest on my thigh.

"Becca, I prefer Becca," I muttered out under my breath, my nipples harshly grazing the lace of my bra, waiting to be exposed out in the open.

His fingers again teased me and I thanked heavens that the road was mostly clear as we stopped at another red light. He took a sharp left and led down the road until we were in a secluded alley that gave a wonderful view of the waters across one side, the edge of the city between two corporate buildings.

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