Sequel - Part 16(Last Part)

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The anniversary celebrations were going on and Manik was interacting with his guests. Now and then,he was looking in the direction Nandini left. He waiting for her to return. Suddenly, Manik's heart began to beat erratically in the same way it had on the day he lost Nandu. He immediately excused himself and went to look for Nandu. He came out the back door, but didn't find Nandu.

Manik tried calling Nandini on the phone and found her phone lying on the floor at a distance. He looked around and found Nandu in the pool below. She was struggling to stay afloat. Manik rushed to Nandu's help immediately.

Nandu had fallen off the railing. But she was lucky that she ended up falling in the outdoor pool below. Harshad and Soha hadn't expected that Nandini would fall like that and panicked. When they saw someone coming out of the hall, they immediately hid themselves. After realizing there plan had failed, they took off their masks and joined the party as though nothing had happened.

Manik jumped into the pool and came to Nandu's rescue. Nandu lost conscious once she found herself in safe hands. Manik got Nandu out of the pool. Nandu didn't gain conscious even after initial first aid. Manik rushed Nandini to the hospital. On his way, he informed his family about the same.

Seeing Mukti tensed,

Soha : "What happened Mukti? Why are you so tensed?"

Mukti told Soha what happened.

Soha : "Nandini is just an employee right? Why are you getting so tensed for her?"

Mukti : "She isn't just an employee. She is my sister-in-law. Nandini is Manik's wife, she is his life."

Soha felt as though the ground beneath her was snatched away.

Soha : "Nandini? Your sister-in-law? When did that happen? When did Manik sir marry Nandini?"

Mukti told Soha about Manik and Nandini. It was only then Soha realized what she had gotten herself into. She began to panic thinking what Manik would do with her if he comes to know that she was responsible for what happened to Nandini. But then she convinced herself that Nandini couldn't have recognized her since she had worn a mask.

At the hospital, the doctor examined Nandu.

Doctor : "Don't worry. She will gain conscious soon. Looks like she was in trauma and that's why it is taking longer for her to gain conscious."

Doctor : "Her legs are badly bruised. She shouldn't put any pressure on her legs till it is healed completely."

Nandini's legs had hit the ground before her body slid completely into water, so her legs were badly bruised.

Manik was relieved. He informed his family and sat next to Nandu holding her hand, waiting for her to gain conscious.

The moments when Nandu fell in the water and was struggling to save herself was flashing in Nandu's mind. Nandu woke up screaming for help. Manik moved closer to Nandini and Nandini hugged him immediately. Manik took her in an embrace.

Manik : "Calm down. You don't have to be scared. You are safe now. You are at the hospital. "

Nandu calmed down.

Nandu : "I am not scared now. I know I am safe in your arms. I know you won't let anything happen to me."

Manik didn't realize at first, but suddenly something flashed in his mind.

Manik : "What did you tell just now?"

Nandu repeated.

Manik : "Does it mean...that...that you got back your memory?"

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