⌜ twenty nine ⌟

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❝so what you are telling me is that you love me

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so what you are telling me is that you love me..

jaemin nodded with his eyes closed and loving the feeling of jeno's hand playing with his pink fluffy hair, ❝and i also have this romantic feelings towards renjun that gives me butterflies inside my stomach and a tingly feeling all over my bod—

in short, you love the both of us?❞ jeno cuts of jaemin's long description of love.

jaemin frowned, burying his head on the older's chest. he didn't know what to feel about that. it feels right but it sounded so wrong. you're supposed to stick only to one, be loyal to one, give your everything to one, love only one.

was he this desperate to move on from his ex girlfriend that he decided to find two because he can't be contended with only one?

jeno tightened his hug, but not too much that he will suffocate the younger ❝don't give me that mood.

i can't help but be disappointed at myself.

jeno sighed, ❝you're not the only one loving two people.

the pink haired wrapped his arms around jeno's waist, ❝i love you.

rubbing circles on the younger's back, jeno smiled ❝i love you too,

they then pulled away, looking at each other with smiles on their faces. ❝and renjun.❞ the two said together before cuddling back together.

it was early in the morning and that was the first thing they talked about. the reason why jaemin is inside jeno's room is because renjun decided to be cupid and set the two up. he's hurting himself, as what most of you might say, but he's actually already happy seeing the two together. jeno and jaemin deserve to be together.

have you noticed renjun looking sad after our fun at the amusement park?❞ jaemin frowned, ❝was it my fault?

him shouting at renjun and telling him that jeno is his and should know his place will always hunt him for the rest of his life. that was the worst thing he had said. renjun had done many things to jaemin, from helping him find his ryan plushie to being there when he was heartbroken. and this is what jaemin returns back? hurting him?

i deserve a slap.❞ jaemin said.


a punch.

jeno cupped jaemin's face as he brushed the younger's hair that was covering his eyes, ❝don't say that.

but jeno, i hurt him.

you didn't mean to.❞ jeno kissed the younger's forehead to calm the boy down, ❝don't let it ruin your day, hm?

jaemin hummed as a response. he then continued to stare at jeno, admiring every detail until his eyes stopped at those red lips. jeno looking like a god early in the morning made jaemin frown.

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