Chapter: 19

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You let go.....

You rolled over the roof and then fell down.

It was scary to see.

So high up... and so fast going down.

You started to scream.

You were so close to the ground and you closed your eyes.

You then felt wind pass your face and then it felt like time stood still.

You opened your eyes slowly.

You say the ground a few centimeters away from you.

You looked up at your legs (your upside down.

The lion was there.

Holding your feet in his paws:

His tail was attached to the roof.

He then threw you high up in the air.

You could see the whole castle from above (and that's pretty... high up)

The lion was gone and just walked away while you were coming back to the ground at a very fast speed.

You closed your eyes and prepared yourself for the hard ground.... maybe even death....

Then you felt a small pair of bird claws on your shoulders.

You felt yourself stop in the air.

You opened your eyes slowly.

You heard the flapping of wings.

You looked up.

There was an owl.

You sighed in relief.

Rm(owl): that was close.


Rm: geezz calm down!!

Rm flew up to the roof and flew through the same place the lion went out into the library.

Suga was there and it looks like he was waiting for you two.

Rm putted you on the ground and Suga rushed to you.

He putted both his hand over yours.

Suga: are you okay?! Rm what did he do?!

Rm: ehh...well... she was hanging from the roof....

Suga took his hands back..

Suga: what?! She is human!! He knows she could die when falling!!

You raised your hand slowly.

Y/N: ehm.. if I may ask... who is the lion?

Rm: ow yeah.. you don't know... it's -

Suga: what happened to your hands   Y/N? They are bleeding!

Y/N: ow it's nothing...

Suga grabbed your wrist and walked away with you.

Y/N: wai-

Yah!! Sorry for not updating so long!! I was busy with stuff... but anyway merry xmas!! 💜

Ideas welcome!

And who do you think is the lion?

Haha well cya all next time!

Haha well cya all next time!

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