Chapter 20

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A long chapter ahead...

Abhinay pov

" So since when were you both in a relationship?" My maa's sharped voice cut through the thick air that was enveloped around me.

I was on a dining table, eating my breakfast silently with my maa and my two duffer friends.

Dread was what I was feeling as I sat just opposite to my maa. I knew in one way or another questions would be throwed in my directions by my sweet mom, interrogating me about this fake relationship, but I was still not prepared to tackle this situation.

" Umm, maa... " I trailed off, thinking that what should I reply?

Go tell a lie... My insides mocked.

Ofcourse, my situation was pathetic. That day if I wasn't exaggerating my fake love, I wouldn't be trapped today.

" well..?" Maa was looking expectingly at me, waiting for me to answer her.

I smiled, so that I could shrug off my inner nervousness. Yes  !! I am nervous for not to be caught red-handed for a lie.

" What to say maa !" I huffed, " she is my world." I instantly bit the insides of my cheek at my blatant lie and my two dumbo friends coughed dramatically as they both registered my words. My hands instantly curled into a fist as I glared at them, avoiding my self to pounce on both of them right in front of maa. They were mocking me...!!

Maa's attention diverted to both dumbos and looked at them with a blank expression.

" Sorry" " sorry" both said sorry at a same time with a meek voice and goes back to focus on their eating.

Then she looked at me with raised eyebrows, expecting me for an answer.

" Maa, you know na.. how much I love her, she is my world. Well it was not a long time since we made our relation official." I gulped a lump as I was shocked with myself with the way my lies were sputtering out from my mouth. I took a glass full of water from the table and gulped it down instantly. " It was around one month I think since we made our relation official maa" I sighed at my lie.

" It's not a long time though. Are you sure you know her whereabouts ? From where she is? How much she had studied? I know she is an orphan, but still do you know anything about her parents? Do you know every information about her?" Maa's asked me suspiciously.

Now what's wrong with maa?

" Love don't see conditions maa. It just happens. So why to bother her asking these ridiculous questions !?" I replied with a shrug, feeling confused with what maa was trying me to say.

Now Viraj and Vinay paid their attention keenly into this conversation as they finished their food, gawking at us both with their curious eyes.

I filled the glass with a water and bring it to my lips to quench my thirst.

" What I am trying to say is that do you know how many relations did she had before you?" She came straight to the point, making me coughed out vigrously.


And with her?

I highly doubt so.. No man in his right mind would think about her as his girlfriend or a fucking material for a wife. Because, she is not just those types.

Yes I agree, she is innocent, naive, oblivious, everytime indulge her fantasies of devil, but not to forget, she is tremendously frustrating piece of shit. Yes ! I won't let her go that easily. She would be bound to  me for forever because of what she did. She would pay for her actions. Of course, I don't even like her, let alone love but she would pay for what she did.

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