~ thirty one ~

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     Paul's face was leaning into my neck as my arm was wrapped around his body. We had fallen asleep on his bed, I guess, after talking for a little while.

     Our snores and deep breathing mixed together as we were peacefully slumbering next to eachother. Suddenly, a loud thud against Paul's bedroom door caused me to wake up.

     Shit! It's always something ruining our precious moments around here, huh?

     "James?" A deep voice beckoned from the other side of the door.

     "Oi, Paul-" I whispered, "Think yer da' is awake."

      I lightly pushed against Paul's hip with my elbow to wake him. He sat up slowly and stretched his arms above his head with a yawn. Even though it was adorable, I couldn't help but be nervous due to our current circumstances. Paul's father has no idea i'm in here, after all.

     "Mmh?" Paul hummed. "What is it, Johnny?"

     "Sh! I said that yer fath-" I began to explain until the same knocking interrupted me.

      "James Paul McCartney, is everythin' alright? Haven't seen ye in hours..." He tried at the handle, but it was locked, thanks to me. "Locked..? Paul? Open up! Don't make me break down this door!" He shouted.

      Anxiety began to pound in our chests, especially when we noticed that the two of us were still naked.

      "One second!" Paul shouted then lowered his voice to a whisper, "John! Get in the closet!"

     "The closet?!" I laughed a little as Paul pushed me towards the door.

     "Yes, ye daft git! Hurry in there b'fore my father murders us!" Paul reiterated frantically.

      I nodded my head reluctantly and jumped into the dark, tiny room and shut the door quietly. Paul hurriedly threw on his clothes. Just in time, too, because his father just popped the lock on the bedroom door.

     "James!" He growled as he entered Paul's bedroom.

     "Sorry, I was changin'." Paul said as he pulled on his last pant-leg.

     "All night?" His father asked, crossing his arms. I could kind of see what was happening between them through the crack in the door, thankfully.

     "Well, no, but..." Paul paused, "Wait, it's 3 in the mornin' why're ye so worried abou' me all of a sudden?"

     "Eh. Can't sleep, is all." His father sighed. He began to walk closer to where I was hiding as I heard his foot steps approaching me.

     I tried to conceal my breathing as best as I could, as the man was standing right outside the door!

     "Right, well I best be gettin' back to sleep, then..." Paul suggested with shakiness to his voice. His father didn't pay any attention to his request, though.

     "Ye've been so distant, ye know that?" Paul's father groaned.

     Oh lord, here we go.

     "Distant? How so?" Paul asked.

     "Jus in and outta the house all the time... Only seein' yer friends... Never spendin' time wi' Mikey and I! ...I don't know, James, it jus seems ye don't care abou' us, anymore. When ye should."

     Paul furrowed his brows, "What? No, ye've got it all wrong. I haven't-"

     "Quiet down! Listen to me, boy!" Paul's father shouted, loud enough to make even me tremble.

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