⌜ thirty two ⌟

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turning the door knob, jeno was greeted by jaemin sitting down the sofa with a sleeping renjun sitting on his lap facing him

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turning the door knob, jeno was greeted by jaemin sitting down the sofa with a sleeping renjun sitting on his lap facing him. jeno opened his mouth to say something but was cut off by jaemin who had index finger on his lips, a gesture to shut jeno up.

the young adult in a suit and tie smiled as he walked closer to the two. jeno brushed renjun's hair to the side, as it was covering the small males eyes, before crouching down in front of jaemin.

how's work?❞ jaemin managed to show jeno a small smile and tried his very best to whisper for renjun not to wake up.

the male in suit and tie shrugged, ❝just the same. i'm getting a hang of it.

jaemin closed his eyes as he felt jeno's hand caressing his cheeks. moment later he felt the older's lips on his, giving him a short kiss. jeno pulled away having a healing smile while tucking jaemin's pink hair behind his ear.

how about we take him to bed?❞ jeno noticed jaemin looking so tired, ❝i'll carry him.

the pink haired sighed, ❝please?

jeno giggled with a nod. he slowly pulled renjun away from the pink haired and turn him around slowly not to wake him up. jaemin admired the view of jeno carrying renjun like a baby. with the short male's legs being wrapped around jeno's hips and his arms hugging jeno very tight, renjun looked like a baby.

what a cute knife.❞ jaemin stood up, stretching his arms as it felt like it's been years since he stood up. renjun's weight was no joke. that small figure of his always makes jaemim forget that he's even heavier than him. ❝is he not heavy?

i beg to disagree that he is a knife and you are just weak.❞ jeno chuckled, obviously kidding, and went to bring renjun to whichever room he will decide in the last minute with a pouting jaemin following from behind.

the bed in my room is too small for us to fit..❞ jaemin helped by opening jeno's room, quickly getting inside to fix the bed for renjun to sleep properly.

jeno hummed, guess he'll be sleeping in jaemin's room while the two sleeps together.

i confessed to him a while ago..❞ jaemin smiled, taking renjun from jeno and placed the short male slowly down the bed.

jeno nodded, ❝good for you.❞ he wanted to say that he did confess to the chinese too but he didn't want to bring it up. seeing the sight of jaemin and renjun a while ago the moment he got inside the house, he guessed that it went well.

jeno?❞ jaemin frowned, sitting down the bed in renjun's side of the bed near the window. seeing jeno's facial expression made him worried. he had a smile but his eyes were saying otherwise from that smile.

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