⌜ thirty three ⌟

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❝i'm the worst boyfriend

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i'm the worst boyfriend.❞ donghyuck groaned, his hands clutching his hair while crouching down.

jaemin snorted, ❝glad you know.

excuse me—

jeno went in between the two, ❝quarreling won't help.❞ he sighed and pointing at the boxes that were placed at the corner of the room, ❝it's better if we start putting the surprise up.

just the four of us?❞ donghyuck gave each one of them a look, ❝mark is going to be back home within two hours.

we can do it.❞ renjun said, having hope. but it soon then changed when he saw how many boxes were there. ❝we need help.

how about chenle and jisung?❞ jeno suggested, ❝are they busy?

you're right!❞ renjun immediately took his phone out and dialed chenle's number knowing that jisung is also with him.

donghyuck furrowed his brows, ❝who are these unidentified creatures?

they are college students.❞ jaemin rolled his eyes at donghyuck's choice of words.

they are renjun's friends.❞ jeno smiled, watching renjun talking to the phone. how can the short male look like an angel when he's just talking to the phone?

seeing jeno's state, donghyuck turned to jaemin ❝so, your fiancé is having heart eyes with another person.❞ his jaw then dropped when he saw jaemin also having heart eyes. ❝oh.

renjun jumped, happy that both chenle and jisung were available today. ❝i'll send you the address okay? thank you so much!❞ he ended the call with a wide smile on his face and turned to the three.

his smile turned to a confused frown after seeing jaemin and jeno looking at him, both spacing out. he then turned to donghyuck, asking for an explanation into why they are looking like that, but donghyuck just shrugged.

jaemin? jeno?❞ the chinese waved his hands in front of jaemin and jeno's face, getting their attention.

yes?❞ but that response came out as a breathy dreamy tone which caused donghyuck to hit both at the back of their heads.

renjun giggled at what donghyuck said and then carried a box, ❝i'll bring this down first.❞ and then left.

the door closed and that's when jaemin and jeno turned to donghyuck with a glare. the male being attacked with looks raised both of his hands up in the air, looking like he just surrendered to something.

it's just renjun, why are y'all whipped for?

it's not just renjun.❞ both jaemin and jeno looked at each other and then smiled, ❝he's our little spoon.

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