Purple Streaks

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|Tsukiko's POV|

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|Tsukiko's POV|

It had already been nearly a year since I left my life behind, yet again. During my time away from Fairy Tail, I realised a few things, about my reason of departure. One, it was the most obvious one, was that the test was taking much longer this time, it had already nearly been a year since I passed the first of the many tests trials, so where was my next one? I just assumed it was because of the fact that I was on Earthland and that time was a lot slower here or something like that, there was no other explanation. Second, and in a very contradicting manner to my last statement, I realised that the days passed like water in a stream, quickly with nothing to stop the flow of time.

I spent all of my time walking or training, I had no need for sleep or food for that matter, it's a perk of being immortal. The only time I do need any of those things is if I am seriously hurt, but even then I was ready in that field. I had picked up a few recipes for healing potions throughout my life, and they never let me down.

I'll admit, I did get lonely sometimes, but that was to be expected. I could never stay anywhere too long either, in case they decided to suddenly attack the close by village or something. So the only time that I did get some rest was when I was deep in the forest of Earthland, with no villages for miles around, or people for that matter. The only beings I had for comfort were the animals around me, but even they could only give me some social interaction. 

Ignoring all the problem that came with my isolation and anxiety for a sudden attack, I had managed to complete a couple of my wishes. I had improved my intellect in many categories. I now knew what herbs to use to heal someone or where to hit any being to instantly weaken them, but besides my learning of basic human knowledge, I also had to learn about the beast I might have to fight, so most of my time was spent there. My attacking style had to change, due to them watching my last fight, and trying to deduce the beast to beat me, so I had practised all that I knew of fighting, and learnt as much as possible. Due to this extensive training in my fighting capabilities, I had improved in many things. My stamina and strength had been boasted nearly tenfold, my magical stamina was astronomically higher and my magical power was the highest of all. I knew the pressure I gave off without any limiters on, and I knew that you could probably feel traces of it in all the places I had stayed. I also knew that people would be out looking for me, so sometimes I limited how much magic I gave off.

Even with all this training, I knew that there was still a possibility that I could lose one of the trials. I've been doing the trials all my life, at first, it was easy. I was only given a small group of monsters to fight, and they always weak, but I was a child back then so pity was probably what pushed that. As I grew into a teen the monsters got more difficult, and the last trial was to defeat a 'boss' or shorts, it was just one of the monsters I had killed in the previous trials yet amped up to hold at least an S-class rank. When I reached kitsune adult years, the trials obviously got a lot harder. That's when I had to start fighting beasts and not ordinary monsters, these where at a lower level than what I fought now, but they were still difficult for someone who hadn't managed much of their power, but it was still early days then, and some still had pity for me, giving me little hints on how to fight the monsters and such. Then the event happened, and I was exiled from my home, without a say in the matter, and that's when the beasts grew from just beasts to savage Daemons, a high-class beast that had grown too strong and become a demon of sorts. Of course, there was a classing system for beings like this, but that's a story for another time.

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