Chapter 22

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Tara pov

" You- you had love affairs?" Aunty exclaimed shocked. What was there to be shocked by the way? Oh my ! They are so confusing sometimes. Had I said something wrong? I don't think so..

" Tara, wha-what did you just said? You had love affairs?" This time Vinay voiced his surprise. Why he was so flabbergasted ?I am really confused now. Devil's face was too just as pale as aunty. They really seemed so shocked out of their wits. Their faces seems so funny though, that I only wanted to laugh, but I controlled it nevertheless because it is considered to be rude to laugh at others.

But my insides still laughed. Hahahaha.. They are looking so funny with those expressions; And my inner bubbly side just wanted to pinch aunty's cheeks.

" Ofcourse Vinay! I had so many love affairs." I said happily with a big smile on my lips, feeling like I have achieved something precious in my life as I observed their shocked faces.

These people are so cute, well except that devil who is so adamant not to let me go, and right now he was giving me an unbelievable look.

Huh !!

What he assumed?

That there's no one to love me. Huh !?

I huffed and ignored him.

" How many affairs? " This time aunty spoke up slowly. Her face showing like she had just stopped her breathing, as she looked at me, though her voice came as cold as an ice.

" Hmmm... let me count.." I lifted my index finger and placed it just below the chin, gazing at the blue sky and the beautiful sunset, as I thought about how many love affairs I had in my past.

" COUNT !?" Aunty exclaimed horrified, her voice was also loud, filled with surprise. She glanced at devil with a glare but again turned to look at me. I ignored her surprise filled voice. Weird people !

I counted and counted in my mind, then simply replied to her," Oh aunty ! I had twenty love affairs in my past. Han ! Twenty.. " I replied proudly with the confidence lacing in my voice as I kept my same goofy smile, only to get her face expression changed into utter horror, like she just saw a ghost within me. Hahaha...

" OH MY GOD !!" Aunty exclaimed.
" TWENTY !?" Vinay's eyes were wide.
" WHAT !! TWENTY!?'' Devil's breath seemed hitched, quite shocked, while Viraj's mouth was hanging low.

Each one of them spoke simultaneously.

Geez ! Why they have to yell? What's there to be so surprise? I don't understand.

''Well I had so many affairs in my past that it could be difficult for me to count at this moment. But yes I am sure, there are atleast twenty love affairs I had in my past. I could remember it so because they all were so close to my heart, afterall they all loved me so much." I said with pride.

My words seems like it gave them all an electric shock. Hahaha so funny. I don't understand what's there to be so shocked !?

" She is just twenty two. How the fuck it could be possible?" Viraj murmered to himself confused, but as I sat just closer to him than others so I heard him which just turned off my cheerful mood.

Huh ? What did he mean how it could be possible?

I got slightly hurt by the pure disbelief look which was settling on his face. What does he think of me? He don't see me capable to love? I can also love others. I frowned.

" Well Viraj" I called him by his name with some attitude in my voice," you know there are lots of people who are willing to love you. You just have to find them. Isn't it?" I raised my one eyebrow at him as I said that.

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