⌜ thirty six ⌟

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❝nana who's—❞ jeno froze from his place when he saw his mother standing next to jaemin's and is looking at him with brows raised

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nana who's—❞ jeno froze from his place when he saw his mother standing next to jaemin's and is looking at him with brows raised.

the tension between them was then cut off by jaemin's mom who clapped her hands, ❝how are you?

where's your shirt?❞ jeno then received a teasing smile from his own mom.

jaemin's cheeks turned bright red when he realized that jeno has his whole top exposed, and him just wearing renjun's shirt that's fitting for him and just boxers on.

you guys look very..❞ jeno's mother tapped her chin, finding a right word, ❝messed up.

wonder what else is messed up.❞ jaemin's mother giggled as she nudged her friend beside her.

jeno rolled his eyes and ran a hand through his disheveled hair, ❝what are you doing here?

good morning to you too my son.❞ jeno's mother approached him and gave him a motherly kiss on the cheeks.

why don't we head to the kitchen?

the pink haired widened his eyes at what his mom said. renjun is there and is really not in a proper attire to meet them. ❝wait!

jaemin gave jeno a look, telling him to handle renjun. jeno immediately nodded his head and went to the kitchen which his mom was curious into why he looked like he was in a hurry? did they burn something in the kitchen and didn't want them to find out? because of curiosity, she followed from behind leaving jaemin busy in distracting his mother.

stepping foot inside the kitchen, jeno paused and his heart did a thing after seeing renjun wear the strawberry apron as he was making scrambled eggs. renjun turned around after noticing jeno's presence and gave the shirtless boy his angelic smile.

jeno?❞ the mother appeared behind jeno which made the two boys inside the kitchen freeze from their spot.

renjun regained his senses back when he realized that he was making scrambled eggs. turning the stove off, he could feel jeno's mother staring at him as if she was judging him in many ways.

being in an oversized shirt, renjun looked like he was wearing nothing underneath because of the shirt reaching down to his knees.

mrs. lee,❞ renjun placed the plate of scrambled eggs down the table and took a proper bow in front of jeno's mother, ❝good morning.

still speechless, jeno's mother just stood there while still looking at renjun. the silence between them was broken by jaemin's mother who entered the kitchen still talking.

i'm hungry jae—❞ just like jeno's mom, she stood there and gave renjun a look.

renjun took a bow again but this time at jaemin's mom, ❝nice to meet you again mrs. na

he felt very embarrassed standing in front of these two mother of the people he loved the most wearing just boxers and a very oversized shirt on. their eyes were like sending daggers at him which he felt very nervous and uncomfortable. jeno and jaemin giving him worried looks were not helping.

well, let's eat breakfast.❞ jeno's mom decided to be the one to break the silence this time and was the first one to sit down into one of the chairs at the dining area, followed by jaemin's mom who gave renjun one last look before sitting down next to her friend.

jeno walked towards renjun and held the chinese's wrist only to be pushed away by the short male. jaemin saw that and just sighed, sitting first before jeno.

jeno, sit down.❞ jaemin said, pulling the boy towards them and making him sit down next to him.

renjun silently took extra plates for the parents, taking his and placing it down the sink. walking in front of them, he took a bow for the last time before leaving but just went he was about to step inside the living room, a voice stopped him.

renjun,❞ it was jaemin's mom. ❝come here and join us.

the chinese politely rejected the offer with a smile on his face why shaking his head slowly, ❝it's okay.

no, it's not.❞ jeno's mom motioned her hand at the seat next to jaemin, ❝join us.

after all, we have to thank you for watching over our kids.❞ jaemin's mom said with a giggle and jeno's mom came agreeing with it.

we are not kids.❞ jaemin rolled his eyes, pulling the seat next to him closer than ever to him.

honey, you're still a baby in my eyes.❞ his mom said and leaned forward just to pinch his cheeks.

jeno's mom laughed at jaemin's annoyed look when the mother pinched his cheeks and then diverted her attention to her son who started to eat, but silently. not saying one word. and because of this, she became worried. ❝is there anything wrong jeno?

after renjun sitting down, very close to jaemin, they all turned to jeno who raised his head, ❝why are you here?

the mothers coming to visit them this early is what's wrong. he thought no one will disturb them and make them have one wonderful morning just like how beautiful the night they had, but no. someone just had to ruin it.

actually..❞ jaemin's mom stuffed stuffing chicken inside her mouth, ❝we came here to remind you..

pausing to probably eat the chicken, jaemin took this chance to grab renjun's hand and hide it under the table. even though they are not looking at each otherz jaemin could feel that renjun is smiling because of him. feeling a tug on his shirt from the other side, jaemin rolled his eyes and held jeno's hand. but unlike with renjun, they can show it in front to their parents.

about the wedding that's just around the corner.❞ jaemin's mother smiled when she saw her son holding jeno's hand, just what she likes.

and same with jeno's mom, she was happy thinking that these two are finally getting along with each other. that's not all, they are also giving heart eyes whenever they glance at each other. the mothers are being well fed with their ship.

while they are out there being happy for the two, renjun sat there with his heart breaking apart. he knew this will happen but why did it hurt him so much? he should be happy. his job is a babysitter slash a cupid after all. jeno and jaemin getting together is a sign that the cupid has already done his work.

and this cupid can already quit.

renjun?❞ jaemin worried raised his head when the short male stood up.

the chinese forced a smile, ❝i'll be inside jaemin's room.❞ and took a bow before leaving the dining area without anyone pulling or calling him back.

jeno and jaemin don't argue unlike before anymore, they don't act like kids just like the first time he met them, they don't always rely on him anymore, and they are already getting along together. getting married, happily married.

guess his job is done now.

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