Chapter 1

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 Every day at 5 o'clock in the morning, Sebastian wakes up. He doesn't need an alarm. His body automatically wakes itself up from him going to bed at 9:00 almost every night. 

Sebastian gets out of bed and goes to the bathroom walking through the mahogany wood door, into his mahogany wood bathroom. Every house that he's ever lived in has always been made of mahogany wood. It's not that he likes the color or the wood or the wood itself, it's just that it makes him feel some sort of familiarity.

Entering the bathroom, Sebastian takes a shower, exactly 10 minutes, before getting out and wrapping a towel around his waist. He doesn't dry himself off as he turns on the fan and grabs his toothbrush and thoroughly brushes his teeth for 2 minutes. When done brushing his teeth, he grabs another wash cloth and thoroughly washes his face before walking out the bathroom and into his walk-in closet. 

Sighing Sebastian walks over to his rows of suits, that make of 3/4's of his closet and picks out a suit consisting of a black jacket, a white button up along and black slacks, along with a pair of black dress shoes. Letting his towel drop to the floor he gets dressed and walks over his dresser and opens up the top drawer full of ties. He skims over them with his index finger stopping when he gets to his black silk tie. Grabbing it, he ties it around his neck making sure it's tight, only adding to his professional appearance. When dressed Sebastian bends down and grabs his towel, dragging it out the closet and tossing it into the waste basket just outside the bathroom. 

After his daily routine, he checks his watch and as usual it's around 5:15. Grabbing his phone and tucking it in his pocket Sebastian walks out his bedroom and down to the kitchen where on the kitchen counter is his bagged lunch and his usual green apple for breakfast. Grabbing his apple, he takes a large bite, before grabbing his lunch and walking out the door where his driver awaits with the backseat door open. "Good Morning Mr.Reed," his driver greets. Sebastian replies with a nod and settles into the back seat. The driver closes the door and walks over to the driver's side, opens the door, settling into the driver's seat before driving of to Reed's Tech Industries.

When they pull into the garage Sebastian waits until the driver opens his door to get out the car and walks to the elevators pressing the button that'll take him up. He counts the seconds as they pass, waiting for the elevator doors to open. 56 seconds passed when the elevator doors open and he steps in the elevator pressing the button to the 60th floor. Elevator music plays, slow and calm as Sebastian begins to tap his foot.

The elevator goes up from floor to floor stopping at 45th floor causing him to frown. The doors open revealing a trio of giggling woman, talking with one another. As soon as they see Sebastian they stop giggling and hurriedly press the button to the 50th floor, before huddling into a corner of the elevator whispering. Sebastian knows they're talking about him but he doesn't pay them any mind. He learned from an early age not to react to people talking about him. So he ignored their incessant chatter and continues to tap his foot. The elevator keeps going up, and up and up until the elevator reaches the 50th floor and the elevator doors open. The woman quickly walk out the elevator whispering and as the doors begin to close, one of the woman take a glance back at him before giving a small wave. The elevator doors close. 

The elevator continues once again and Sebastian can't help but frown at the girls bravery. Will she be a problem, he wonders. Sighing, the elevator doors open on the 60th floor and Sebastian steps out, ignoring the lady at the front desk, who gave him a seductive smile. He walks towards his office opening one of the mahogany wood double doors, closing it shut behind him. Looking around his colossal office he checks to see if anyone is in his office. Two times of people snooping around his office, 'claiming' that they got lost when they get caught, taught Sebastian to be more careful. Walking to the floor to ceiling windows he pulls open the curtains, light shining throughout the room. 

He looks at his large, mahogany wood desk and sees it's clean with no papers on it, just the way he left it yesterday, when he took off for the day. He checks under the desk and there's no one there. He passes his bookshelf full of books and files and the red velvet couch paired with a mahogany wood coffee table and walks to the bathroom, opening the door and turning on the light. There's a toilet, a sink and even a shower but, no man or woman in sight. Sebastian turns off the bathroom light and shuts the door before sitting at his desk sighing as he sinks into his cushioned chair. A knock sounds on his door and Sebastian pinches the bridge of his nose. Just when he starts to relax someone disturbs him. 

"Come in," he grumbles and the door opens revealing his secretary Julie Roberts. 

She walks up to his desk, her heels sinking into the carpet floor.

"Here are the contracts you need to sign and things you need to read up on for your meeting tomorrow morning," she says, placing a stack of papers on his desk. 

Sebastian sighs and grabs a thick packet before smacking it down on the table. 

"Thank you, Ms.Roberts." She nods her head and looks at the stack before asking, "would you like some coffee?" 

Nodding his head Sebastian grabs the packet he slapped down on his desk and watched from his peripheral vision as Julie exits the room, closing the door with soft click. Opening his desk cabinet Sebastian grabs his glasses that's covered with a silk cloth. He unwraps it from the glasses and puts on his face before looking down at the packet in his hands.

'Japanese Culture'

"This is going to be a long day," he grumbles and begins reading.


The next few hours were spent reading a packet about cultures and traditions and stuff while taking notes on things he deems important. "I don't know why Julie couldn't do this," he mumbles. "I have more important things to do." He turns his head and looks at the pile of packets that are contracts. Sighing he reaches over and grabs his coffee bringing it up to his lips, only to find it empty. Groaning he throws it into his small trashcan next to his desk before, pressing the button for the intercom.

"Bring me more coffee Ms.Roberts," he says annoyed.

"Right away, sir," she says and with that he lifts his hand from the intercom button and gets back to the large packet, taking notes.

Another cup of coffee and reading three fourths of the packet later, Sebastian's office phone rings. Exhaling a sigh of relief Sebastian puts down the packet and picks up the phone running, his other hand that's currently cramping, up and down his dress pants.


"There's a person with the name of Dylan Reed on the phone, would you like me to forward it to you," asks Julie. Smiling, he runs a hand through his hair.

"Yes, go on ahead."

He waits for a few seconds before Dylan voice comes on the line. "Hey stone man." Sebastian rolls his eyes at the nickname Dylan has for him.

"Hello Dylan, to what do I owe this unplanned call," he asks, leaning back in his chair. Dylan scoffs causing him to smile.

"Well I called you unplanned because I want you to come with me and Jared for drinks," he says.

Sebastian sighs and leans back in his chair looking up at the ceiling.

"Jared and me," Sebastian corrects and he knows by the silence on the other side of the line that Dylan is rolling his eyes.

"Yeah, yeah, so are you gonna come or not?"

Sebastian bites his tongue contemplating.

"Why should I," he asks and Dylan groans sounding frustrated.

"Well dipshit because we haven't seen you for 4 weeks," Dylan snap causing Sebastian to chuckle.

"Fine," he sighs.

"Great I'll text you the details,"Dylan says, and before he knows it Sebastian hears the beeping that indicates that Dylan hung up. A second later his phone buzzes and looking down he sees Dylan text him the information. "Only one hour to get ready, huh," he mumbles and looks at the clock to see its 7:00 in the evening. Getting up from his chair he leaves the papers on the desk and leaves his office.

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