⌜ thirty seven ⌟

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he can't be their babysitter forever

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he can't be their babysitter forever. the reason why their mothers decided to let him be their babysitter is just to get them together. now that he did that part of his job, he can now quit. all he needed to do was make the both of them fall in love to be happily married, that's what their mothers want. but that's not what he wants.

getting to know the two for these past few months made him realize that love is has no limits and is indeed beautiful in many complicated ways. he knew this day will come. he knew they will one way or another get married, but he decided to not think about it to the point that he completely forgot about it and got caught up with his feelings to the two.

should i quit?❞ renjun mumbled while washing the dishes.

the right thing to do was to quit, forget about them, and let them live a happily married life. but for renjun, he didn't want to do the right thing. he didn't want to waste whatever relationship they had.

the chinese sighed, ❝what kind of relationship are we having anyways?

after bidding their mothers a goodbye, jeno closed the front door and wore a frown after seeing jaemin looking down with a sad look. he approached the younher and cupped his face, causing the pink haired to look up at him.

jeno gave him a small smile, ❝we're going to fix this.

he felt a tiny bit of relief after hearing jeno that but he knows better that this cannot be fixed. their mothers are not going to accept them being in a three way relationship and especially when renjun is basically a nobody to their mothers but a babysitter.

but for them, renjun is everything.

i don't want to lose him.❞ jaemin bit his lower lip, ❝i'm sorry jeno, i love you.

jeno sighed, knowing that there's a continuation to that, ❝but?

but i will not marry you unless renjun is included.❞ jaemin saw the older's look and then wrapped his arms around the older's waist, ❝please don't get mad.

the older then giggled, ❝i'm not mad, idiot.❞ because he too, as bad as it sounds, didn't want this marriage to push through if renjun is not included. don't get him wrong, he loves jaemin so much. but what can he do, he also loves renjun as much as he loves this pink haired young adult.

it may sound fast, about them getting married and all, but since they are being arranged by their mothers to get married, why not let renjun join?

stupid shit.❞ jaemin mumbled, causing the older to raise a brow. he then flashed a smile, ❝first one to hug renjun gets a kiss on the lips by him.

jeno smirked, his arms quickly hugging the younger's waist very tight while the other tried his best to get out from his hold. jeno leaned forwards and gave jaemin a peck on the lips, making the pink haired freeze in his place, and took this chance to run towards the kitchen.

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