~ thirty two ~

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     We leaped down to the shore of the lake infront of us, Paul holding on to my shoulder for stability.

     "Be careful, now." I spoke up with a smile.

     "I am!" Paul squinted his eyes as he jumped down to my level.

     We both looked up at the sky above us. It was a pretty surreal experience, being here.

     Staring up there really makes you feel... tiny. But it also makes you realize how large the universe around us is, you know?

     Well, my universe is standing right next to me.

     "So, why're we here?" Paul asked, "Why don't jus go back to yer place and-"

     I turned to the boy and wrapped my hand behind his head, pulling him closer to my face before kissing his lips. After pulling away I whispered, "Penny Lake is where we met. To me, it's a very magical place. ...Who wouldn't wanna be here?"

     "Well, not to be rude or anythin', but it is pretty late. And my father will kill us both if I'm gone when he wakes up again."

     As we plopped down on to a rock I sighed, "Let's not think abou' that... Let's think abou' us..."

     Paul rolled his eyes, "...I'm jus happy our stupid fight is over. Didn't think I could go another day wi' out..."

     Paul paused for a second, probably out of embarrassment. Or nervousness.

     "Hm? Wi' out what, Macca?" I teased, leaning closer to his face.

     Paul blushed, "Wi' out..."

     "Say it!" I smiled as I spoke.

     He laughed and bit his bottom lip, "Wi' out yer idiotic schemes gettin' me in trouble all the time!"

     I leaned back, "Yeah. I'm sure that's what ye were gonna say."

     We both laid back on the rock we always sat on, staring up at the twinkling lights above us that made the two of us feel so small. So little.

     "In all seriousness, John, I did miss ye. And I do love ye. Wi' everythin' in me. I don't know why, but ye've got this hold on me and... Nothin' and I mean nothin' could ever make me feel angry towards ye... For long, anyroad." Paul admitted, still gazing up at the dark sky.

     I rolled over and used a hand to prop my head up, "And in all seriousness, Paul, I am sorry. What I did was beyond an 'idiotic scheme' and I shoulda thought twice before lyin' to ye and... that bird."

     Paul smiled and turned his head to me, "Thank ye, Johnny. That's really mature of ye."

     "Ye sayin' I'm not usually mature?" I asked jokingly.

     "What? No!" Paul replied sarcastically.

     I stood up and beckoned Paul to do the same, "Come on, now, let's get back home before the sun starts to rise."

     We walked back to my place along that dirt path as the sky above us was turning bright blue.

     Sure, we could have just stayed at Paul's until morning, but no! His father had to wake up and scare the shit out of us.

     Once we finally got back to my place, we collapsed in my bed and fell asleep. Paul's arms clenched my chest as his head rested under my chin.

     Until morning.

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