~ thirty three ~

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     Trust me, I already know that today at school won't be easy. Especially since i'm almost positive that rumors about Paul and I being together are now spreading like a wild fire. Not to mention that George is probably mad as all hell at me.

     Still. I can't avoid it, now. Atleast Paul and I aren't on bad terms anymore.

     Yeah, that makes me feel at ease, actually.

     I walked out my front door and walked with slight hesitation to school. My heart was pounding against my chest the closer I got to that place.

     In all honesty, I wish I could just stay at home all of the time. Maybe I could try writing something instead of feeling sorry for myself like I have been all week. But no, i've gotta face this shit at some point, I guess. It won't be that bad, will it?

     But still... I would kill to be at home right now. Just sitting on my bedroom floor, picking my guitar strings. Oh, and Paul would be laying across my bed, purring to the sound of the beautiful instrument in my hands.

     What was I saying?

     Right. School.

     The only thing i'm looking forward to seeing is the expression on George's face when he finds out Paul and I are a couple again!

     Once I got to the school, I immediately noticed Paul standing by the entrance, his arms folded across his chest.

     Should I approach him? Will he be embarrassed to be seen with me?

     Fuck it.

     "Aye, Macca!" I cupped my hands around my mouth and shouted.

     Paul looked over at me and his eyes lit up and he smiled his bright teeth before waving shyly.

     I quickly dashed over and wrapped my arms around him. He seemed caught off guard and kind of reeled back, not retaliating the affection.

     "John, ye know we can't be doin' this here..." He whispered into my ear.

     I backed away, "I don't give a flyin' fuck abou' what these people think. Jus glad to see ye, is all!"

     Paul half-smiled, "I am too... I'm jus... Nervous..."

     "Ye can't be lettin' these close-minded people control ye forever, now... C'mon." I beckoned Paul to follow me into the building.

     "Ye seen Rich or George today?" I asked.

     "I haven't. Although, when Geo sees us togeva', he's gonna flip his lid." Paul chuckled, eyeing everyone around us.

     "Eh. Probably. I ain't gonna let that bloke get between our... friendship anymore, though. Sick and tired of carin' what the world thinks abou'... the two of us."

     I almost had to bite my tongue when I said "friendship", but after everything that has happened... Paul and I have to be extremely stealthy with... how we present ourselves.

     Paul opened up his locker as I stood next to him, watching him carefully organize all of his belongings.

     "Ye've got a point, Johnny." He shut his locker, "But it won't be easy to shut 'em all out."

     "Wanna meet up in the washroom during next class?" I suggested, "Then we don't have to worry abou' anyone."

     "Yes, because that went so well the last time!" Paul joked, running his hand through his hair.

     "I'd love to see Jane try to walk in the men's room." I joked in return.

     Paul rolled his eyes, allowing his beautiful lashes to flutter a bit before speaking. "Fine. I'll see ye in fourty minutes." And with that, Paul walked into his first class, as did I.


     Yep. Class is still boring. I still miss Paul. And no, I haven't been blind to all of the glares i've received since I walked in here.

     I was staring at that clock pretty much the entire time i've been here, ignoring every word that was spoken to me from that old man. All that is on my mind right now is...

     Well, I think it goes without saying who is on my mind right now.

     I raised my hand above my head.

     The man groaned, "Yes... Lennon?"

     "May I go to the wa-" Before I was able to finish the man cut in.

      "The washroom? ...Go ahead." The teacher waved me off.

     Do I go that often?

     I walked out of the classroom quite quickly, making sure to divert my attention to the floor.

     Eventually arriving into the room, I saw Paul leaned against the wall staring down at his feet.

     "Ello, Macca." I said sweetly.

     "John!" He straightened up and started walking towards me.

     "Remind me why we're here again?" Paul asked, tucking his hair behind his ear.

     "Would ye rather be in yer class right now?" I asked sarcastically.

     "Depends." Paul laughed, "Will I regret comin' here wi' ye again?"

     "No, I don't think so." I said, leaning into the boys face, causing him to push his back against the wall.

     Our lips were centimeters away from eachother and the heat between our bodies was extremely overwhelming.

     "Glad ye two are good again!" Richard's voice echoed from behind me.

     I quickly backed away from Paul's face, "Christ, Rich, we oughta put a bell on ye!" I shouted, still facing Paul.

     "What is it?" Paul asked the boy.

      "Jus came here to take a piss, thanks for askin'." Richard raised his brow as he replied, "But I'm glad yer both here."

     "...Why?" I asked wearily.

     "Well." Richard laughed, "We've got a little shotgun performance tonight and-"

     "What?!" I spoke up, "What do ye mean? We don't perform on Monday nights!"

     "Apparently some man who's kinda big in the music business wants to see us perform, but he ain't stayin' very long here in Penny Lake." Richard explained, "So, we've gotta go there tonight and give him a little taste of what we've got."

     "Insane, ye are, for not tellin' us sooner." Paul snapped.

     "Until now, I reckoned ye and John were fightin' still, but... guess not. Which is fantastic and all, but I've still gotta piss." Richard laughed, "Now, if ye don't mind." He shut the stall door.

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