Chapter 14

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The next time I came to my senses, I was laying in an uncomfortable bed with consistent beeping ringing through my ears. My eyelids felt too heavy to open, and my head pounded with a pain too extreme to describe. I let out an incomprehensible sound like a groan before I shifted in the bed, my heart rate picking up slightly. I didn't know where I was, nor what happened to land me here in this position. With another try, I was able to peel my eyelids open to see that I was stuck in the medical unit of the hospital, my arms hooked up to various machines such as IV bags and blood pressure cuffs. I looked around for any sign of someone that could explain to me why I was here but I came up with nobody. There weren't even any patients in any of the other beds around the room, but that wasn't really concerning to me at this point.

I groggily sat up in the bed, pulling on the various IV lines and wires connecting me to machines before the door to the unit swung open, revealing a frantic looking Ally. "Oh Lauren! You're okay!" She breathed out while rushing over to the side of the bed that I was now sitting up on. I rubbed my temples so that I could try to rid of the immense pain in my head that I was feeling. Ally's voice wasn't exactly helping because she spoke way too loud than I would have liked, although I was happy that she was glad I was okay. I just needed to know what happened and where my patient was. I couldn't leave her by herself.

"What happened?" I groaned out once more as Ally sat on the edge of the bed. She placed her hand on my arm once I tried pulling the IV's out. I didn't want to be attached to any machines, I wanted to see where Y/N was so that I knew she was okay. "Where's Y/N?" I asked once Ally didn't respond. I looked to see that she was wearing a sympathetic look on her face, her eyes full of sadness. "Ally, what happened to Y/N?" I had to reiterate since she wouldn't tell me what was going on. My heart rate picked up again now that I was becoming anxious of her answer. Judging by her look and the way she wasn't answering, I knew it was going to be anything but good. I started struggling with the wires again.

"She's in her room, under lockdown." Ally rushed out once she saw me struggling to get up. She tried to keep me down but I lightly pushed her away from me, trying to get everything off of me but it seemed to never end. "We went in and saw you unconscious, so we restrained her until we figured out what she had done to you. She's still up there and pretty agitated, but she's okay. I want you to lay back down while we run more tests. We still don't know why you went unconscious." Ally tried to move me towards the bed but I was finally able to get all the wires off and out of my arms so that I had no more restrictions. I stood up from the bed on wobbly legs. "Lauren please lay down."

"Y/N didn't do anything wrong." I grunted while trying to push my way towards the door. Ally continuously called my name from behind me but I also continued to push to see my patient. Who knows what kind of mental state she was in right now, thinking she had done something wrong or completely in the dark about the whole situation. I couldn't bear to see Y/N so vulnerable like the night she had tried to kill herself. She didn't know; she wasn't able to function clear enough to know that it wasn't her fault which made it all that much more saddening to me. Y/N wouldn't be able to last if there were people keeping her locked in her room without any information or care to her well being. I had to get to her; and fast. It was as if my life depended on it.

Instead of waiting for the elevator and risking getting caught by Ally, I opted to take the stairs as I felt more strength returning into my body from its use now. I rushed up four flights of stairs and busted out of the closed off stairwell to come face to face with Rob who was guarding Y/N's door with two extra men standing around him. When he saw me, his face resembled that of surprise as he stepped forward to stop me. "Dr. Jauregui, it's not safe in there with her right now. She's not okay-" I cut Rob off by pushing past him and to the room which was locked. I used my key as the other guards tried stopping me but I easily dodged their grips. Ally's voice sounded throughout the hallway, telling them to stop me just as I had gotten the door to Y/N's room open.

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