Chapter 23

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Abhinay pov

To say I was just saved from having a stroke would be least.

We all got settled on our  respective seats soon after her revelation of her love story, that is not about any man, but a stupid dog. To say I got numb for a moment wouldn't be joke.


Maa was still shocked and so were everyone except this one girl who was still having that same stupid smile over her face and her words which were doing nothing but just making me wish to dig a grave for myself and get buried  into it. That's how much I was feeling embarassed in front of maa and my two dumbo friends.

No worries though... you are going to get married to her anyway. Then you can give her a good lesson,  a very good lesson she will never forget in her future. My conscience were assuring me about my bright future, and that was enough to bring an evil smile to my face instantly.

I raked my hair with my fingers and again stared at her, feeling myself a bit calm after her revelation.

She still continued, sitting on her chair with her hands clasped together, as she gazed towards the sky, totally oblivious about the havoc she was causing with her words in addition to that same wide innocent smile spreading on her lips.

" You know" She chirped, still gazing at sky, with now her back leaning to the chair," He always wants me." She stated, still lost in her own trance. Her words showing pride for her stupid so called lover.

" How do you know your umm- pet is 'he' or 'she'? Vinay asked her with confusion written all over his face.

" I asked Vimla masi. She told me my pet is 'he'. That's why I named her 'Bhola' as he looks so innocent." She replied smoothly.

" So uh- how do you know he wants you?" Vinay asked her again with same confusion evident in his voice.

She just smiled and shook her head, like what a silly question he just asked from her.

" That's because I understand him. The way he licks, so hard and fast, one could easily tell how much he wants me, just like I want him, everytime." She hummed, closing her eyes, with her face still facing the sky.


" I tell you, my smell must be enticing to him. That's why he couldn't control himself around me." She added proudly, still with her eyes close, must be dreaming about her so called

" How can you be so sure about it?" Viraj fired his question in a challenging manner.

"Huh !? What do you know about my love? Do you even know how he always gets so desperated for me whenever he is around me. I could even sense the desperation in his eyes for me !" She snapped offendedly, without any realisation that what her words could have other meaning.

If we didn't knew better about her so called lover, I am sure my cheeks would get reddened with her shameless talk and that too in front of my maa.


I keep wondering how can she be so stupid, so naive that she couldn't decipher the other meaning of her words.

Tea was long forgotten. Maa still kept her gaze glued on her as she watched her future bahu, so keenly. I wonder if she would accept her to be her future daughter-in-law. I highly doubt. But  no matter what, I will marry her and make her life hell, even if I have to go against my mother.

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