⌜ forty three ⌟

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❝jaemin, sleep

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jaemin, sleep.❞ jeno mumbled after five minutes of the pink haired besaide him tossing and turning positions.

where's renjun?

the older let out a sigh and went to stop the younger by wrapping his arms around his waist, ❝he is just taking a warm bath.

he will come back right?

jeno opened his eyes and his annoyance suddenly disappeared after seeing jaemin all worried and his eyes shaking, looking like it's going to produce those liquid called tears any moment from now. the older ignored his sleepiness and gave the younger a small smile.

he will come back.❞ jeno said, placing his hand on the younger's cheek and caressed it. ❝he will sleep beside you and hug you very tight.❞ while saying that, jeno tightened his embrace on the younger's waist. ❝like how i am hugging you.


and we will protect you from your nightmares.❞ jeno was starting to mumble, couldn't help but feel sleepy.

the pink haired let out a giggle, his hands going up to play with jeno's soft locks, ❝i love you.

hm.. i love you too.❞ jeno leaned forward, eyes closed, and gave jaemin a peck on the lips, ❝and renjun too.

and renjun.❞ of course not leaving the short male out. ❝can we tell them tomorrow?

tell who?

our moms.❞ jaemin took time to admire jeno and his beautiful details. he is hella lucky to have both jeno and renjun. having both, he won't leave one out. ❝three days left, jeno. we need to tell them.

it's four days..

it's almost midnight so i'll make that three days.❞ jaemin giggled, staring at jeno in his most peaceful state. ❝what should we do if they won't accept us?

run away.

are you crazy?❞ jaemin thinks that there are other solutions to that other than running away but he doesn't know what are those other solutions.

jeno took a deep breath and let out a sigh, placing his chin on top of jaemin's head, ❝what's important is that we have each other. you, me.. and renjun.

jaemin nodded, agreeing to what jeno said. ❝so tomorrow it is?

first thing tomorrow, we will tell our mothers.❞ jeno felt jaemin's arms wrapping around his waist and a smile was formed on his lips, ❝now sleep and wait for renjun.

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