⌜ forty four ⌟

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guess when this is ending..

guess when this is ending

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crying, renjun got of the taxi after paying the fair. he took his luggage out and stared at the apartment he missed so much.

there's no turning back.❞ he already did it, he can't undo it.

he forced his body to move and drag the luggage he is carrying. he cursed mentally when he felt tears falling down once again after wiping them just a minute ago. pausing in front of the building he groaned and brought his hands up to wipe his tears that's falling even harder than before.

fuck, stop crying.❞ he said to himself, ❝this was your choice.

he gripped his luggage tight and stared at the sky that was still dark, stars looking down at him. the moon probably pitying him.

i'm regretting it.❞ he got inside the building and went to where chenle's door was located.

he got inside the elevator and ignore the couple that was making out inside. well, he tried. but he can't help but curse the hell out of them. can't they respect the single people out there? are they busy eating their faces out to even notice renjun's presence there?

he immediately went out of the elevator once he reached the desired floor. he didn't even glance at the couple to see if they were done making out. he went out as fast as he could but his steps towards chenle's door were starting to slow down as he got closer.

slowly regretting his decision.

now standing in front of the door, renjun hesitated to twist the door knob. he can actually go back. he can go back and fight for their love, for their complicated but beautiful relationship.

but his body won't move and is stuck there, standing in front of the door and gripping his luggage very tight.

no.❞ renjun furrowed his brows, ❝i can't leave them. i promise to-

the door opened and showed someone who renjun is not expecting. it's not the tall boy that has a face of a baby but a mind of an adult, neither his chinese friend who's laugh cancels all the dolphins out there.

it was a woman, having a smile on her face. a smile that longed to see someone. her arms were spreaded out, waiting to be hugged, ready to be hugged. it was a woman. a woman whom renjun missed.

mom?❞ the short male jumped towards her, making her stumble back but regained her balance after. she hugged him very tight, rubbing circles on her baby boy's back.

renjun..❞ she spoke, a voice renjun has been longing to hear.

his sobbing became louder, burying his head on his mother's shoulder, ❝i miss you.

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