Chapter 57-58

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Chapter 57 - Because the world is huge


Some people will finally discover the importance of something after losing it.

The phrase holds the eternal truth, because right now there is a certain someone who keeps asking himself again and again, did he do the right thing?

During lunch break, the canteen is packed to the brim with students and workers. Likewise, Can and his regular bunch of friends are also in the canteen... Sitting round a table.

"You guys go and buy food first, I'll help to take care of our seats."

"A flood has broke out!"

"A mountain has caught fire!"

"A volcano has erupted!"

"The sky is snowing!"

"The dean's car is really cool!"

"Wait wait... What did you just say? Everyone is mentioning natural disasters and you're talking about the dean's car being cool?"

"I can't think of one fast enough, you guys are too quick! Floods and fires have all been bought up, what else can I say? It's a miracle I could even think of anything... Say, what's up with Can today, why did he suddenly become so nice and help us reserve our seats?"

His friends tilt their heads curiously at the white-skinned soccer player (it's hard to believe he runs across the football field everyday) sitting listlessly on the bench, ignoring the games played by the others. He is making them very worried.

Can, who is still hugging his bag, mutters lifelessly, "I'm not hungry, I just had a deworming medicine!"

"Deworming medicine?!"

His friends exchange glances, and turn to the boy who just revealed he has a large worm in his stomach. He isn't joking, he isn't playing, he just sits there mumbling to himself with his head bowed....

"I can't eat, I'm not hungry."

"If you're not feeling well you should see the doctor."

His friends echo worriedly. Can shakes his head, digging his phone out of his bag to glance at the screen. It was eerily quiet - no one has sent him any message.

"Let's not bother him, I'm starving."

Seeing his indifferent attitude, everyone decides to disperse to buy their meals. Can heaves a long sigh, his fingers gently stroking the screen of his handphone.

"We aren't even together, why am I having no appetite and insomnia?"

Crazy monkey sighs once again. Whenever he isn't happy, or after he has gotten into a fight, Can will always make a call to clarify and make up with that person. But everytime he thinks about that day, the series of events in the car, thinking about the expression on his face... He is unable to think of anything to say .

"Have I hurt him? Why is my heart feeling so down?"

Can heaves another deep sigh, and sprawls himself across the table.



Can gets a shock, with barely enough time to react, his head almost slams onto the table. Another friend of his has shoved him roughly from the back, before grabbing a seat opposite him, wearing a crafty smile on a face.

"Can, do you want to know what Ae is like when he is shy?"

"Uh-huh? When Ae is shy? Ouh! I wouldn't believe it even if you beat me up! With that expressionless face of his, aside from looking fierce he doesn't have any other expressions! Pond, he could never look shy!"

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