Chapter 17

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*everest pov*
"Come one, IF YOU CAN SAY IT IN FRONT OF MY LITTLE GIRL YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE A PROBLEM SAYING IT TO ME!" I was pissed, clearly. Mia is innocent, and this world needs every last bit of innocence, as it lacks it tremendously.

It might look like I am overreacting, but I know that world. I know it's horrors and its dangers Mia is someone I need to keep around I need to keep her innocent.

"Hey baby, can you wait for daddy here while I go and put these men in their places," I ask.

"Nuhhh daddy stay heweeee," Mia pouts

"Baby it'll be a second," I move the hair out of her face.

"But Mia miss you daddy, pwease," it broke my heart when a tear left her eye.

I decided to just stay, she hasn't seen me for a while with the transition and all.

"Like why are you even pissed, you didn't give her the rules yet," Kenzie said trying to be a smartass.

"Clearly, you lack brains, I am not mad at my baby girl, I mad at you, you clearly need a set of rules too, IT DOESNT TAKE A GENIUS TO KNOW NOT TO CUSS INFRONT OF A LITTLE!"

"D-daddy?" I looked at Mia and for a moment I forgot everything. Her precious tiny hands fisted my shirt. Her breathtaking blue doe eyes glistened, clearly scared of my yelling.

"I'm sorry baby," I picked her up and set her on my hip.

"Baby, I know you didn't mean it, but we don't say words like that, at all, you are too perfect and pure for them,"

" Mia didn't mean to make chu upset daddy, pwease forgive me daddy," she looked at up at me and a rose tinted blush found its way to her big cheeks and her small button nose. My heart grew ten times its size. I gave a smile to myself thinking about when it'll snow and how her cute little butt will look like jumping in the snow with a red nose and condensed water vapor escaping her mouth, that scenery would match her innocence.

*kenz POV*
" Mia didn't mean to make chu upset daddy, pwease forgive me daddy" Mia apologized to Everest cutely. The fact that she apologized when it isn't even her fault is what makes me loose any sense of sanity I have . This innocence she has is the richest, most valuable, purest element in earth, and I get to sleep with it in my arms tonight, and tomorrow and forever.

I wanted to let out a 'uh my heart' and clutch my heart as I fall to my knees because of how adorable, but it seems as though Everest already beat me to it. I saw his fist unclench and his chest even, his eyes were scanning her face and he let out a small smile, completely ignoring her question and instead stare at her, rather like a creep if I must say.

Mia turns her head to me after a whole minute of absolute silence.

"Papi, I don't think fluffy accepts my apology," her lips trembled and her eyes averted away from us and landed onto the floor in sadness.

Everest snapped back to reality and crunched his nose at the thought of what Mia said.

"You silly little girl, darling, if you run me over, push me off a ledge, drown me, stab me, cut me, I'd still forgive you my sweet girl," he said lifting up her chin.

"Alright lads this has gotten very sappy very quickly," Greyson says "and it's only almost 7 am,"

"I say we ditch work today and sleep in," he added.

And just like that, we forgot about the just made coffee cup, the bottle of milk and the first rain of the season, we left the living room and went to the skylight room.

We all laid down on the mattress, Mia in an oversized hoodie, and the three of us men shirtless in our basketball shorts.

We huddled closely to each other, our bodies the only things keeping us warm from Alaska'a nipping September air.

We said silly jokes and Mia giggled, and casually we all drifted into a heaven like sleep.

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