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To everyone who decided to give this story a try. A warm welcome and hope this story lives up to your expectations .

This story is part of a Series titled Unconditional Love .

Book I (Fan fiction) : The Marriage Contract {Completed}

Book II (Short Story): Adopted Princess {Completed}

Book III ( Teen Fiction ) : Her Unloved Prince {Completed} .

Book IV( Short Story ) : Her Broken Heart .{Completed }.

Book V (Short Story ) : Just Friends {Completed}

Book VI( Short Story ) : Her Broken Dream .{Completed }.

Book VII (Short Story ) :" Life of an Movie Star { On Going }.

Book VIII ( Short Story  ) : " Dear Angel ,Yours Forever { On Going }

Book VIII ( Short Story  ) : " Dear Angel ,Yours Forever { On Going }

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This book can be read as stand alone . There may be few appearance of characters from previous books as they are interlinked with Lavanya life but the story will revolve around Vihaan and Lavanya .

Those who have already met Lavanya as Sanskar princess. I hope this journey of hers capture your heart as well .


All characters are fictional and didn't resemble or represent anyone . Any resemblance is purely coincidental and wasn't intentional .

It deals with physical and verbal abuse and if it isn't to you liking I would suggest you needn't read further .

This book has no mature Romantic scenes as i think it is fair to warn you before hand .

Cover Credit : kriti32 , DesireGlitz Cover shop .


All rights reserved @Juanita Reid

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