Chapter 19

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LILY was there when Arlo proposed to Arianna.

She hadn't meant to be—she was just walking home from training one night when she heard voices nearby. She'd followed them—only to see Arlo and Arianna, talking beside the stream.

Then Arlo got down on one knee.

She knew it was meant to be private, but she stayed to see the surprise and happiness diffuse over Arianna's face, to see the girl clap her hands over her mouth.

"Will you marry me, Arianna Quilan?" Lily could tell that Arianna was near tears, even from where she was, and she grinned when Arianna nodded rapidly, a sob breaking out.

Arlo smiled and slipped the ring onto her finger, and Arianna flung her arms around him, sobbing even more. Lily smiled and walked away slowly, careful not to let them hear her. Maybe later she could tell them that she had seen it.

She waited a bit among the trees, to give Arianna enough time to get home before her.

When would the wedding be? If it was soon. . . Lily'd just have to get used to living alone. She'd never done so before. She sighed, rubbing her face with a hand. Whatever happened, if Arianna was happy then so was she.

When she reached, Arianna was there, beaming, "Lily! You'd never believe what happened today!"

Lily walked inside, grinning, to see Arlo sitting there as well. She turned to Arianna, "Do tell."

Arianna walked over to Arlo, pulling him up. Both stood together, and Lily smiled softly at how good they looked together.

"We're getting married!"

"That's incredible!" Lily said, pulling out her best acting skills and giving a remarkable impression of shock, "Congratulations!"

"I know!" Arianna said, hurrying over and holding Lily's hands. Lily looked at the ring on her finger, her lips parting at the silver band with trees carved on it.

"It's beautiful."

Arianna nodded, her eyes bright, "But Arlo won't tell me how much it cost."

"Of course, I won't!" Arlo said, rolling his eyes, "She's already asked me that multiple times, and anyhow, that's only the engagement ring. There's another for when we wed."

"So, how did you propose?" Lily asked, looking to Arlo.

He pressed his lips together, "As a matter of fact, Arianna, Lily helped me with the proposal." Arianna looked at Lily, eyes wide.

Lily laughed, "I did. Do you remember all the times I asked you about how you would like to be proposed to?"

Arianna gasped, swatting Lily's arm, "You traitor! But I must admit, I liked it."

"Was it beside the stream, by any chance?" Lily asked, turning away to get a glass of water. She grinned to herself as the other two fell silent.

"How did you know that?" Arianna asked. Lily kept her back to them as she shrugged, swallowing the water. "Lily, tell me!" Arianna said, walking around to face her.

"I might have been there," Lily admitted, giving her a guilty smile.

"What?" Arianna gasped, narrowing her eyes.

"I was coming home from training and I heard you two talking. I followed, and, well, I saw the whole thing."

"I didn't see you!" Arianna said.

"Of course, you didn't. I was trying to be discreet," Lily nodded.

"You spied on us!" Arianna said, hitting Lily's arm.

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