Chapter 1

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Before I get started I would like you to know that There will be lots of pov's so if your not into that then don't read, oh and if you don't like boyxboy pairing then also suggest not reading. BTW, don't get mad if I don't upload on a regular basis, I'm really bad at that and its not my fault ^_^. Well that enough lets get to the story.

Ash's POV

Oh my god, I thought that I was ready for a new year of high school but I guess not.

I slumped out of bed with a bored and tired look on my pale face, only to see mum cooking tepig bacon and pidgey eggs with pikachu on the table secretly eating trying his hardest to get the bacon. I was lucky enough to get up when I did so I could get pikachu away from the bacon.

Finally after waiting for so long, my mum has been able to make time to make breakfast instead of me just getting a bowl of coco pops or some other cereal.

I picked up pikachu and placed him in the regular place of my shoulder and proceeded to grab some of the bacon and two eggs, quickly munching it up before running to my room.

I got up to my room only to be greeted with a my room looking like an absolute pigsty. I quickly made my bed and ran to school knowing that I would get to finally see my friends again after the summer.

I ran all the way up until I was at the shops across the road when I noticed that Gary was walking out of those shops so what did I do, I decided to go through the woods that were conveniently placed.

Gary's POV

While I saw ash cute brown eyes and that adorable jet-black hair but when he saw I was walking over to him he ran into the forest, I tried running until I caught up with him. My god his eyes made me so weak.

I could tell that something was up, so I asked what was wrong but he stayed silent. Around a minute Or two later he kindly walked away from me but I kept running up to him so the last time I ran, giving me a light kiss on the cheek and sprinted to school. Sweet baby Jesus, I was gonna faint. Nope, no fainting, just limp legs.


What the fuck was I thinking kissing him on the cheek, I mean now he will know that I love him, I'm such as idiot doing that, but considering he melted onto the ground, he might have forgotten. I wonder if he is actually hurt. I should really go check on him.

I turn around to go help him but I notice that he was gone. Just like that, gone in a blink of an eye. I had wondered where he went to. He probably went back to professor oaks house so he can get a new set of clothes. I should've also had done that.

when I got to school and met up with my friends they asked why my uniform was so tattered to which I replied "I went though the forest" and with their eyes squinted, they hesitantly asked "why did u go though the forest" now that was tricky part because I am a shy innocent boy who nobody knew could fall head over heels, let alone with a guy. Fuck, I should tell them "I kind of have a crush on a certain someone" I looked up to find them looking blankly at me "I knew it, you like Gary don't you!" She gasped, making me go full red in the face "shh, shh, misty, don't be so loud, yes I do like him but I don't want all of viridian city high school to know that" misty's eyes widened "oh right, sorry"

huff, now they know that I like Gary, Great....

Well you go guys and gal,my first chapter hope you like it bye

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