Chapter 15

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Hanji had finally left the room, he turned his attention back to the titan who's hand was still on his face, clearly unaffected by his sudden outburst.

"You have to stop doing this when others are around, monster" He said as he removed her hand, pink blush still scattered on his cheeks from all the contact. His gaze travelled to the shirt he had given her to fold. It was folded. Not as neat as he would like it to be but never-the-less it was folded in the -very particular- way he liked it. A ghost of a smile crossed his lips, the titan-girl watched, delighted at his positive reaction. He walked over to his desk and retrieved the bowl filled with grapes.

"I know those idiots expect you to only eat that nasty sludge they prepare for you, so this is going to be our secret" Levi said as he returned and got onto the bed next to her. She looked at him, confusion evident on her face. He reached into the bowl and ate a grape, demonstrating to her how to eat it. He held the bowl out to her, she managed to get her arm to the bowl however her shaking fingers struggled to get hold of the grapes. Levi watched as irritation slowly crept into his form once again. He sighed and removed her struggling hand from a bowl. He took a dark grape and held it to her lips, she did not hesitate to eat the grape. Very familiar of the action of Levi feeding her.

Once she bit into the grape, she made a sound of delight as a smile made its way on her face. Clearly she liked grapes. Levi watched as she enjoyed the grapes, feeding her another one.

"Now, refold this shirt" he said shaking the folded shirt apart. The bowl of grapes still in his one hand. She made a sound of disapproval, almost whining and leaned closer to the bowl of grapes, clearly wanting more.

"Nope, you are only getting more when you fold this shirt" Levi clarified, she made one more groan of protest, Levi just sent her a pointed look, she gave up and started folding the clothing item. Levi just reached over to his bedside and took a book out from his bedside draw and started reading, waiting for her to finish.


A few days have past and Levi finally started trusting his team mates to educate his titan, alone. He finally had time to see to his own duties. Everybody near him had to put up with a very irritated Levi. Hanji had yet found more ways to irk him.

Earlier that week.

"What the hell is that and why is it here?" Levi said standing in his doorway with his arms crossed and a deep frown forming on his forehead,

"Its a wheelchair, we have come to pick up our student-" Armin explained, while Hanji was already in the room kneeling and smiling in front of the titan-girl.





"I said no!" Levi scowled,

"We have been giving her lessons a week now, everyday forsaking our duties and having death threats from you because of bringing study materials into your room. We refuse to allow you to cripple the angel's education, therefore we will take it somewhere else."  Hanji said standing up and folding her arms.

"Then don't, off you go, bye" Levi said gesturing to the door.

"We've spoken about this Levi, she needs this." Hanji said, placing her hands on her hips in defiance.

Levi tsked and crossed his arms not liking the though of the titan-girl leaving his room and possibly his watchful gaze. She was weak and could not defend herself, his mind could not help but wander to the words of the scouts that he had overheard, days ago.

"That beautiful, huh?

"Yes, her porcelain skin is said to be flawless, curvy, pretty busty, she has got a pair of birthing hips, the definition of feminine..."

Levi's fists were clenched shut, his knuckles white from the strain.

"Damn heathens." Levi thought in disgust.

I heard that the guard that was keeping watch over her while captain Levi was out, struggled to not have his way with her while she was chained in his care...

This sent Levi off the edge, sending lots of unwelcomed thoughts into his head, lots of aggravating thoughts. That's when it hit him that despite how much he is against it, the titan-girl had to learn. He doubted that there would ever come a time that he is unable to protect her, but either way she had to have some way of being prepared, just in case. That was not even the crux of it all, the titan-girl was very ignorant, as much as he hated to admit it, the cretins were correct, even if she were caught in a situation like that, the girl would not even realise that it is something that just isn't done, in that context. She needed to learn social skills. Levi's mind spiralled into worry, trying to think of any possible way to not allow the titan-girl to get entangled with the scouts.

"Is he okay?" Armin asked, looking at Levi's ridged form, the corporal's eyes were staring straight ahead, mind clearly very distant,

"He is, we are busy winning the argument" Hanji replied with a smug smile,

"What do you mean?" Armin asked shifting his weight from one leg to the other, feeling slightly uncomfortable with the statue-like-Levi's gaze being trained in his direction for this long.

"One thing that everybody knows about Levi is that he does not believe that anyone is worth his time," Hanji explained as she leaned down and ran her fingers through the titan-girl's tangled hair,

"because no one is worth his time, all disagreements are settled by him using 3 methods: winning the argument in seconds (if you are worth his words), he is generally good at that because...because, well, he is Levi after all. The next is either hospitalizing you or simply ignoring you," she continued, her hands still busy untangling her -soon to be- student's hair,

"The very fact that he hasn't attacked us or kicked us out already tells us what the out come is" Hanji concluded, picking the very confused looking titan-girl up from the bed and putting her into the wheelchair, straightening the tattered dress she was still wearing. Hanji tsked, she couldn't believe that Levi would just let her wear that...or perhaps he liked it that way, a giggle began to boil at the back of her throat.

"But w-wait, what about the first method maybe he is coming up with a rebuttal?" Armin enquired,

"Now, now. I said seconds, he only needs seconds. I believe we have been in this room for much longer than a few seconds" Hanji explained and stood up.

"Now what?" Armin asked,

"We wait for him to admit defeat," be continued

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