wedding day - part one

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I can't believe I'm marrying the Dib human. He's so nice to me. I love him. I hear someone knock on the door, I opened it, Gir was there, I smiled, he hugged me. I don't think I've ever been this happy before.

NOTHING CAN GO WRONG TODAY!! It's my wedding day and I'm getting married to Zim! I heard a knock at the door, Gaz walked in. "Gaz?..." I asked. "Yeah, it's me" she said. "Please don't hurt me!" I said as she walked closer to me. She hugged me "not today" she said. I guess Zim heard me yell cuz he ran in very protective. "Are you ok?" He asked. "I'm fine Zim, Gaz just scared me" I said. Gaz walked out and sat down.

Me and Dib both said I do. I was scared he wouldn't. We were hugging after the ceremony and we were outside, it started to rain.... oh no... I screamed and fell to the floor... steam coming off of me... everything is blurry. I can see Dib kneeling next to me.... he's scared.... he's not running inside like everyone else.... thank you Dib....

To be continued...

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