Chapter 2: A Little Bit of Action

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Author's Note:

Hey, guys, hope you're enjoying the book so far. I've actually already completed the book, I'm just posting the chapters one by one to get people interested in it slowly.

Edit: if your not enjoying the writing style or if the grammar bugs you, but you like the plot and characters, the second book is out now if you want to read that. Also, I plan on editing all these chapters... eventually. : )

Walking into the kitchen, grocery bags swaying side to side and clashing against each other, I struggled to shuffle my way over to the marble counters. I had three bags worth of groceries wrangled around my wrists, twisting at my skin in what felt similar to a rope burn. But I refused to make more than one trip from the horse carriage that took me home. I didn't even know why father needed all these things, they were nothing more than vegetables, herbs, and ingredients for a small elixir.

Pressing my lips together, trying to keep the lid of my latte from falling to the ground, I raised my arms, setting the bag of groceries on the counter. My hands twisted and pulled as fast as they could, trying to bring them up to my mouth as my lips tightened around the latte that was about to slip from my grasp at any second.

Suddenly, the cup fell from my lips right as my hands freed themselves from the plastics vines of the bags. My hands went to follow the cup in hopes to catch it but someone grabbed it first, holding it near my waist. The thin pale arm, seemed to match mother's skin but held more coldness to it.

My eyes traced up along the boney arms of my sister, meeting her pale face. She had taken most of mothers features; narrow jaw, high cheekbones, rather lanky figure, and her fiery temper. But her frost blonde hair and grey-blue eyes came from father, as well as her sarcastic attitude which was similar to mine. The two of us could fire horrible puns and comebacks for hours and often times were yelled at by mother and father to stop.

Knowing what my sister was about to do next, I made a quick move to try and snatch the white lidded cup from her hand, but ultimately failed. Clarika had always had fast reflexes, it's what made her such a strong swordstress.

"Hey!" I whined, my hands following my coffee but my sister stepped back as quick as a hare gaining enough distance from me to the point that I was too lazy to try and close in on her.

My sister grinned smugly, raising the drink up to her mouth and shaking it tauntingly. "I'm sorry, did you want this?" She said as my lips pressed together, eyes narrowing. Clarika took a sip of the latte, her blue eyes never leaving mine, fully intending to step back if I tried to lunge at her. But if I did that then I could risk losing my drink if it fell, something that had happened in the past. Needless to say, I was very sad that morning.

I smirked as my sister grimaced, her darker blonde eyebrows furrowing together as she pulled the drink away. "Ew. What is this?" She twisted the cup around, trying to read the hand written label that Erwin, the barista and an actual friend, made for me. He was one of the few friends I actually had that my parents or sister didn't know about. They wouldn't have accepted the fact that I made friends with a 'lower' person, someone who made coffee for a living. But I personally never saw people for how much money they had. If they were nice I liked them, if they were mean I still tried my best to be pleasant but I had more of a snarky attitude. I didn't care about people and their backgrounds either, dragon riders and common people were normal human beings too.

My sister raised a brow, tilting her chin downwards as she looked at me. "Seriously? Three shots of charisma. It's no wonder why this thing is so bitter."

"And?" I sneered, moving forwards and snatching my cup. I took a happy sip of my drink, relishing in the taste of white chocolate and the saltiness of toffee nut, hints of caramel and salt coated my tongue welcomingly as a mild bitterness came as an afterthought. The charisma in my drink would make me more people friendly and likeable; I could only handle so many diplomats in one day. And tonight there was going to be a whole house full of snobby, over-egoed mages that I would have to entertain.

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